You only need one sip and your liver will be purified. This plant is healing

You only need one sip and your liver will be purified. This plant is healing

You only need one sip and your liver will be purified. This plant is healing

The liver is a real detox factory in the body, beyond its regulatory function by correcting all our food abuse, sugar, alcohol, fat, chocolate ... etc. This organ is also associated with the function of the stomach, and this, by secreting digestive enzymes essential to the digestion of the bolus.

The liver of a person with bad eating habits gets tired and needs to be boosted. For that, here is a recipe that will make your liver like new.

What is the liver and what are its roles?

The liver is the largest gland of the human body, it can weigh up to 1.5kg in adulthood. This organ acts as a filter for the blood and has many other vital roles. Here they are :

  • The liver is used to filter the blood:it neutralizes and destroys all chemical and toxic substances such as drug residues or alcohol.
  • The liver serves to regulate the metabolism fuel:The body needs energy to function and this energy comes from glucose. The liver produces, stores and provides this fast energy.
  • The liver is used for blood clotting:The liver synthesizes the plasma proteins responsible for the coagulation phenomenon.
  • The liver is necessary for the immune system: the proper functioning of the immune system results from a good functioning of the liver. The latter contains immunocompetent cells allowing it to resist infections.

Over time, the liver starts to get tired from eating unhealthy foods. A detox is then strongly recommended in order to purify it and improve its functioning. Here is a mint remedy that will help you improve the work of this vital organ.

Detox recipe for the liver:

This refreshing remedy helps cleanse the liver and therefore improves overall well-being.
To make this recipe, you will need these ingredients:

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 handful of fresh mint (about ten leaves)
  • 2 liters of water
  • 1 orange


Put in 2 liters of water the leaves of mint fresh, bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool down.
Wash the lemon and orange well, if they are not organic you can leave them in warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda to remove pesticides on the skin. Take the zest of the lemon and cut the lemon and orange into pieces. Add to the mixture of water and mint all the ingredients and mix.

This preparation is to consume during one week. Take a break and restart the treatment at any time you think is necessary (after a hearty meal or a festive period, Christmas for example).

Benefits of the recipe foods:

All the ingredients in this recipe have a direct benefit on the liver:

Mint :This multifunction plant has an activating role of digestion. Mint also helps purge toxins. Indeed, it promotes the secretion of bile and its evacuation into the intestine which drains the liver and leads the toxins to the digestive tract to eliminate them.

lemon:This citrus facilitates the breakdown of fats and their evacuation. The lemon also stimulates the secretion of bile which promotes the elimination of toxins.

orange:Orange juice prevents digestion disorders, food fermentation and bloating.

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