Yes, there are 10 different types of orgasms. Here's how to have each of them

Yes, there are 10 different types of orgasms. Here's how to have each of them

Yes, there are 10 different types of orgasms. Here's how to have each of them

Female orgasm has recently been the subject of several studies. This sexual pleasure is sought after by all women, whether heterosexual, lesbian or bisexual. But did you know that there is not 1 orgasm, but 10 different types of female orgasm?

Orgasm, what is it?

According to gynecologist Sherry Ross, orgasm is a physical reflex that occurs when muscles contract when sexual arousal reaches its peak, then relax. Each climax may seem different in terms of intensity and duration, depending on the way and the part of the body that is excited. In addition to offering physical excitement, it is also an emotional arousal that makes you feel closer to the partner or simply more relaxed. Some types of orgasm focus on the vagina only while others occur when other so-called erogenous zones are excited. Here are the different types of female orgasm.

The orgasm of point G

Point G is halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. According to Dr. Ross, to stimulate the G-spot you have to squeeze it gently and stroke it lightly, especially when your spouse is excited. The G-spot filled with blood will swell and trigger a kind of deep pleasure that will flood the whole body.

Mixed orgasm or combined orgasm

A mixed orgasm is an excitation that occurs when more than one erogenous zone is stimulated at the same time. Vaginal penetration with G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation is a combination that allows you to experience mixed orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm

Although clitoral orgasm may be the most accessible and easiest, poor stimulation of clitoris can make it difficult to reach. Hence the importance of knowing how to excite this little internal organ. When he is sufficiently excited, the clitoris is throat of blood and its size increases thus allowing an explosion of feelings as pleasant as they are intense.

The vaginal orgasm

The clitoris and the G point are not the only areas of pleasure. Experts say there are additional erogenous zones inside the vagina that, when properly touched, can lead to what is called a vaginal orgasm. The areas inside the vagina contain nerves that seem very sensitive to many women.

Orgasm with ejaculation

Men are not the only ones to ejaculate. Yes, some women are also able to ejaculate when they reach nirvana. According to Dr. Ross, when women are excited or sexually stimulated, there is sometimes expulsion of fluid from the glands around the urethra or the anterior surface of the vagina. The fluid is usually clear and does not look like urine, and there may be a moderate amount or a large amount.

Cervical orgasm

Cervical orgasm is when the cervix (cervix) is stimulated. It occurs when the woman is very excited. It is best to bet on a lot of preliminaries if you want to reach the cervical orgasm to make the cervix more receptive to touch. During the sexual act, you can move from the position of the missionary to the position of the doggy style to reach this type of orgasm.

Orgasm of the nipple

Breasts and nipples in particular are major erogenous zones. They react especially when touched and caressed, because they are loaded with nerve endings and their skin is super sensitive. Some women can really reach orgasm just by being caressed and kissing the nipples.

Coregasm or orgasm following physical exercise

A study from Indiana University found that many women experienced orgasm or sexual pleasure while exercising, especially when the exercise was accompanied by a balloon between legs , by bike or even riding.

Night orgasm

The nocturnal orgasm usually starts with an erotic dream, resulting in increased blood flow to the genitals and a major relaxation, allowing the body to reach orgasm while a woman is not even not awake.

Multiple orgasms

Unlike men, women do not have a refractory period after orgasm. According to Dr. Hall, they can reach an orgasm, and then experience several other orgasms with new stimulations. To achieve several other orgasms, it is recommended to continue to contract the pelvic muscles (by squeezing and releasing them as you do to hold the urine). This helps maintain high blood flow, which increases sensitivity and makes the next orgasm easier to achieve.

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