Wrap your body in coffee: all women will want to apply this trick!

Wrap your body in coffee: all women will want to apply this trick!

Wrap your body in coffee: all women will want to apply this trick!

Known for its unpleasant aesthetic appearance in orange peel, cellulite is a problem that is hard to bear and affects almost all women, regardless of their weight and even some men. Here is an anticellulite tip, based on coffee, that will allow you to transform the appearance of your skin.

What is cellulite?

Our skin consists of 3 layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The fats are stored in capsules located in the hypodermis, between the muscles and the skin. When the amount of fat exceeds the volume of the capsules, they expand to the upper layers of the skin causing deformities. This is what is called in medical jargon, lypodistrophy, commonly called the cellulite , the aspect "orange peel" or dimpled.

Remedy for cellulite

There are several remedies against cellulite, between sport and anticellulite devices, the choice is vast. Discover in this article a natural remedy against cellulite, based on coffee:

Anticellulite remedy


  • ½ cup of coffee powder
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A food film


Mix the coffee with olive oil and heat the mixture for a few minutes. Spread it on the areas touched by cellulite and then wrap with food film, leave for 30 minutes. After the pause time rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week until the surface of the skin improves.

Exfoliating mask

Coffee can also be used as an exfoliant.


¼ Cup of coffee powder.
3 tablespoons sugar.
2 tablespoons of coconut oil.


Mix the three ingredients and mix them until you have a dough. Apply it on cellulite and massage vigorously for a few minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this massage 3 times a week until the desired result is achieved.

Causes of cellulite

Generally, the appearance of cellulite is triggered from puberty, the secretion of hormone such as estrogen promotes the storage of fat in the hypodermis. This storage also causes a bad lymphatic flow, which prevents the lymph from doing its job of eliminating toxin and water. These remain blocked under the skin.

The appearance of cellulite can be caused by other factors such as:

  • Lack of sports practice: practicing physical activity can solicit stored fat.
  • Eat too sweet, too salty or too fat: promotes the appearance and storage of fat.
  • Heredity: the location of fats is written in our DNA and the number of fat capsules.
  • Water retention: Once the fat capsules are dilated, they prevent the lymph from eliminating the water.
  • Rapid weight gain: the capsules saturate rapidly by dilating causing the appearance of cellulite.

Why cellulite affects more women than men?

The storage of fat in women is linked to its biologically designed morphology for pregnancy and lactation. The type of morphology has an important role in the appearance, or not, of cellulite. The gynoid form of the woman, pear-shaped, involves a storage in the lower body, unlike men who usually have the silhouette in V. Men without this silhouette can also be prone to cellulite.

Types of cellulite:

To know how to treat your cellulite you need to know the type to which it belongs, indeed, there are 3:

Fatty cellulite:excessive storage of fat leads to fat cellulite. In this case, it is imperative to avoid fats and sugar and favor fruits, vegetables, cereals and lean fish.

Aqueous celluliteit is caused by the phenomenon of water retention. You must consume a lot of water (1.5 liters per day) and herbal teas and tea that promote drainage. Reduce salt consumption.

Fibrous cellulite:it is the mixture of the two previous cellulites, the storage of fat and the retention of water.

Prevention against cellulite

There are certain elements that facilitate the appearance of cellulite, here are good habits to adopt:

  • Vary your diet
  • Favor dried fruits
  • Practice a sport
  • Regulate your consumption of sugar, salt and fat.
  • Prefer loose clothes to those too tight.
  • Avoid hot baths, hammam, SPA ... etc. which dilate the veins

Of course, in addition to all these precautions, the cigarette plays a major role in the lymphatic circulation disorder and therefore disadvantages the elimination of cellulite.

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