Women reveal the 13 things that excite them

Women reveal the 13 things that excite them

Women reveal the 13 things that excite them

Sexual intercourse within a couple requires excitement from both partners. When you reach an optimal degree of excitement, you can relax and open up to the other. To get there, there are different things to do. To excite your partner and ensure the sexiest sex, here's what women love.

First, before beginning the different ways to excite a woman, it would be good to emphasize that to bring excitement, it is necessary not only to have some knowledge of the body and its language but also to be passionate, to desire his partner and to throw back his bestial side, which is not the prerogative of men only. It would also be wise to clarify that to excite a woman physically, one must first start with her mind using the different forms of communication, namely the visual , the auditory, the touch as well as the verbal.

Here are the 13 main ways to excite your wife

  1. Caress the

A woman's body is very sensitive to touch. Stroking a woman slowly and languidly, makes her feel the effects of oxytocin, also called the hormone of love, that her body releases, giving her a feeling of relaxation, comfort, desire, as well as sensitivity. increased its erogenous zones.

  1. Look at her in the eyes

Paying attention to her when she speaks, looking deep into her eyes, listening to her conversations, will only increase her desire for you. Encouraging her to share some of her deepest desires and feelings can also bring her closer to you.

  1. Take care of yourself

Nothing excites a woman that a fit man who takes care of his health and his body. Having a well-maintained body will increase his desire for you.

  1. Oral sex

Do not forget to surprise your partner with oral sex. Many women appreciate it. Start slowly and increase your pace as you go. Do not be predictable and surprise yourself.

  1. Whisper in his ear

Women love to be whispered in their ears sweet and sensual words, combined with some sensual touches. It will be your winning formula to turn your head to your sweetheart.

  1. Be virile

Women like to feel qualities in men such as firmness, courage, strength and vigor and that can be synonymous with virility. A man who is different from her and who draws him by his complementarity.

  1. Massage him

The massage works for both sexes. Everyone is excited by a gentle and pleasant massage. After a tiring day at the office, a quick massage could work wonders and wake up her desire.

  1. Give him hugs in the back

Intentionally or by surprise, a hug performed in the back, will awaken his desire. You can hug her from behind and whisper some sexy words in her ear. You can also do it while she is doing her makeup or taking care of a household chore.

  1. Kiss his neck

The neck is one of the most erogenous areas of the body. A few kisses here are enough to make any woman crazy about you. A little more: you should also add a little deep breath while kissing his neck because the hot air coming out of your nostrils will excite even more.

  1. Have a sexy way of talking

For women, it's not just what you say, but how you express it that matters. To have a sexy way of talking, you can do it slowly and take long, deliberate breaks between phrases and certain words. It is also helpful to keep strong eye contact while doing so.

  1. Kiss his forehead

Just as kissing her neck is exciting for the woman, kissing her on the forehead is just as much. By this gesture, you will inspire confidence. Here's another bonus tip: if a girl lets you hold her waist, it means she's waiting for you to kiss her.

  1. Start the preliminaries earlier

Start the foreplay in a place other than the one where you usually make love. Why not during dinner or while driving ... it all depends on the context and how you handle it.

  1. Be dominant

Most women love when a man is sexually dominant. You can try to pull her firmly to you and give her a fiery kiss. Be firm and sensual at the same time. You will only get the excited look of your partner.

With these 10 ways, you'll be ready to pamper your partner and spice up your sex. By taking the time to excite her, you show her your desire for her and you will be all the more surprised by how she will reward you.

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