When this young woman took this picture, she did not know that the unthinkable was about to happen

When this young woman took this picture, she did not know that the unthinkable was about to happen

When this young woman took this picture, she did not know that the unthinkable was about to happen

Do you sometimes take a picture, look at it and then ask yourself where will you be in a few years ...? That's exactly what Destiny Mantia was asking for when she took this famous picture ...

young woman  

Destiny Mantia was a young wife all that is most ordinary. She met her husband Corey in high school, while both were aged 15 and 16 respectively.

"Three years after our meeting, we got married and we moved in together ..." explained Destiny to ABC News. And to add, "We had a wonderful son shortly after our wedding. We were so happy when he was born ... "

young woman  

young woman  

Destiny and Corey had big plans for their little one family . They wanted to buy a new house. "We wanted our son to grow up in a beautiful house with space and a nice garden to play. We dreamed of a happy and peaceful life together ... "

young woman  

Unfortunately for them, their dream was short lived ...

An unnamed drama

While the couple managed to find the house of their dream, they decided to go there to take their belongings.

Destiny Mantia told through a touching facebook post: "It was a day like any other. Corey had gone to work early while I was taking care of our son at home. After his day's work, he came home and spent a lot of time with us. Only we had to hurry to start taking our stuff to our new home that we had bought a few months ago. We took the road while it was dark, because the house was outside the city. That's when my life completely changed ... "

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By taking the road at night, the couple did not suspect that something horrible was about to happen. Their car was hit hard by another car that was driving at full speed. After a thorough investigation, it was revealed that the driver who ran into the car of the Mantia family was under the influence of the alcohol that night. She did not survive the accident.

"I'm the only one who survived the accident ..." says Destiny. And to add: "My 15-month-old baby with whom I played in the back of the car a few seconds before the tragedy died on the spot. My husband fought as best he could to survive, but he ended up succumbing to his injuries 24 hours after the accident. I do not know how I did to survive all that ... I lost everything that night: my husband, our child ... I feel like I'm not living at all now, "wrote Destiny in his post.

young woman  

young woman  

Even today, when Destiny reviews this picture taken a few months before the accident, she says to herself: "I was so happy to have a child, a husband, a new roof ... all this is gone now. We will never be able to live all this together as we once dreamed ... ".

young woman  

Alcohol, a leading cause of road deaths

In France, alcohol is one of the leading causes of road deaths. In fact, alcohol is involved in almost 1/3 of road accidents. In road accidents involving an alcoholic driver (about 3000 each year in France still), nearly 1009 people are killed while 3500 people are hospitalized.

In addition, it has recently been revealed that a driver who has been drinking is 8.5 times more likely to be responsible for a fatal accident when returning home at night ...

Figures that have fallen sharply since the 90s (we spoke at that time more than 7400 accidents per year in France), but still remain frightening, especially when we know that the number of prevention campaigns to fight against drunk driving continues to increase!

"Alcohol has literally destroyed my life. If that woman had not drunk so much that night, my husband and my son might still be alive today. But what really kills me is knowing that there are people who let this woman get behind the wheel while she was drunk. How could they do such a thing ...? ".

A tragic story that recalls how important it is not to drive under the influence of alcohol. If you are invited to a party and want to drink, ask a friend who does not drink to accompany you or make sure to sleep with your host.

We remind you that the authorized limit of blood alcohol level if you drive is 0.5g / liter of blood not to be exceeded! In addition, the legal alcohol rate drops to 0.2g / liter of blood for young drivers (aged between 18 and 24).

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