Very bad news for Chinese noodle lovers

Very bad news for Chinese noodle lovers

Very bad news for Chinese noodle lovers

Easy to prepare and very inexpensive, noodles are the favorite dish of many people, especially young people! Whether natural or with sautéed vegetables or meat, noodles are Chinese pasta usually made from wheat flour or wheat flour. But what are they hiding? For what reason more and more people warn of the dangers of this very appreciated dish ...

In any case, these were the questions that Dr. Braden Kuo, a gastroenterologist reputed in the United States. He explains that you have to think twice before eating noodles ... "A revelation that may seem shocking, but nothing compared to the one you are about to discover about noodles", assured the doctor to many of his patients.

Difficult to digest ...

If, as mentioned above, noodles are easy and quick to prepare, they are very difficult to digest for our stomach. They do not begin to digest themselves until two hours after having eaten them. The noodles overload your digestive system and block it for a long time, at least enough so that not only this one does not work properly, but in addition, so that it can not digest other foods ...

Rich in additives ...

If there is one thing that characterizes noodles, it is the impressive number of additives used in their manufacture. Indeed, noodles are rich in tertiary butyl hydroquinone, a toxic preservative derived from petroleum, sprayed on foods to prevent color changes. Needless to say, it has adverse effects on health despite the fact that only 1 gram of hydroquinone is added per 1 kg of food ...

In addition, this product is found in varnishes, pesticides, cosmetics and perfumes .

These Asian pastas also contain benzopyrene, a chemical compound belonging to the family of aromatic hydrocarbons, found elsewhere in the cigarette. A pollutant like no other that increases the risk of suffering one day from cancer ...

In addition, noodles also contain glutamate, the sodium salt of so-called glutamic acid, from certain marine algae. This one is dangerous for your health. Indeed, glutamate is considered an excitotoxin, in other words, it over-stimulates our neurotransmitters, thus causing the destruction of our nerve cells, and therefore causing strong brain dysfunctions later ...

This sodium salt found in noodles can also cause learning disabilities and even Alzheimer's disease at a certain age.

Rich in calories and fat

Indeed, noodles are far from low caloric. A recent US study found that women who ate noodles more than twice a week (including noodles eggs ) were 68% more likely to be diagnosed with morbid obesity, high blood pressure, or elevated blood glucose levels.

The risks of getting a cardiovascular disease or diabetes are also high when you consume noodles.

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