This woman learns that her husband is cheating on her, she offers him a birthday present he will never forget

This woman learns that her husband is cheating on her, she offers him a birthday present he will never forget

This woman learns that her husband is cheating on her, she offers him a birthday present he will never forget

What's worse than feeling betrayed by the person we love. Betrayal can be devastating for women and men alike. Although some women find the courage to forgive, others believe that betrayal is the end of the trust, consideration and respect they feel for their husbands and can leave them, not without Beforehand, build a Machiavellian plan of revenge.

Note that suffering an infidelity is not without consequences since the relationship is turned upside down emotionally and physically. A woman can refuse this failure and a feeling of doubt about her sexuality and sensuality sets in, which can give way to depression and physical harm.

The woman betrayed by her husband, whose story we will tell you, belongs to this second category. As a result, it has prepared a remarkable plan. For her, revenge is not a dish that is eaten cold but rather cold.

Be sure to read the story to the end to revel in its success.

Here is the story told by this woman

This woman learns that her husband is cheating on her  

"There were several clues to me that my husband was cheating on me. First, he was always focused on his phone , sporting a sweet smile by sending SMS. When I asked him who he was sending them to, he replied that it was just his mother's. Then, his late night after work corroborated my doubts. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was when he went out one evening around 11:30 pm to get some milk, he only came back around 2am.

However, so that my doubts do not remain without foundations, I had had to resort to a private detective, which I recommend to all the deceived women. I needed to accumulate evidence for my divorce.

This woman learns that her husband is cheating on her  

I had to wait until the day of his birthday to put into action my plan of revenge. Of course I had waited a long time, but I wanted to put aside as much evidence as possible in order to be able to secure my future after the divorce (a roof over my head, an income to live, etc.)

I already guess your question which is: why wait until the day of his birthday? Just because I was waiting for the right moment and this birthday was the trigger for my revenge .

This woman learns that her husband is cheating on her  

As we approached his birthday, I asked him what he wanted as a gift. He had simply told me that he did not want anything and that he did not intend to celebrate it that day, claiming that it reminded him of the passing years. He also said that he had a lot of work to finish that day. Instead, he suggested I leave town with my friends and go out and party with them.

My certainty was all the more grounded when I discovered a bottle of champagne and two glasses hidden in his closet. So, the idea of ​​revenge had come to me and I knew what I had to do.

I had pretended to leave the city with my friends. Then I called his mother, his father, his sister and some friends to him. I told them I wanted to surprise my husband for his birthday. I had suggested to them that we all go by surprise to his room with banners, a big cake and candles. Everyone had been enthusiastic about this very nice idea.

I asked that we all meet outside our apartment around 8:30 am. Subsequently, We had entered the apartment in the utmost silence as we sneaked to his room. I could still see his mother wearing a big smile, cake in hand.

When I opened the door, oh! Surprise!

Surprise had been more on the side of his family and friends when I saw my husband, buttocks in the air with his mistress, staring at us with wide eyes. His mother had dropped the cake , his sister had shouted, his father had started screaming too. I had pretended to be horrified, and her friends had tried to evacuate us outside the room, not without glaring at him.

Everyone waited for my reaction, but how do you say: deep inside me, I JUBILAIS!

Seeing her mistress trying desperately to put on her panties and run away, seeing my husband, excuse me, my ex-husband, humiliated, taking a look dismayed and silly, not knowing how to react, I knew that it was the best birthday present I had ever given him.

One can always choose to forgive or not, an infidelity. If one makes the choice of forgiveness, it should be considered as a renewal in the life of the couple and not as a sign of weakness. An opportunity to start again on two new bases by being more armed.

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