This popular food gives cancer to children

This popular food gives cancer to children

This popular food gives cancer to children

In France, street food is more and more popular, after the madness of burgers in street trucks is now the turn of American hot dogs. But is this trend safe? According to an American research, hot dogs increase the risk of cancer among the youngest.

July 4th in the United States is not only the day of the national holiday but also the hot dog day. This sausage sandwich is mainly made of grilled or steamed sausage served in sliced ​​bread. The typical toppings of this sandwich include mustard, ketchup, onions, mayonnaise, cabbage leaves, cheese, chili, olives and sauerkraut. Despite its rich composition, this unmissable gluttony of American series continues to create controversy especially around the composition of the sausage.

What are the hotdogs made of?

Hot dog sausages are made from leftover pork, chicken or beef. Offal, head, skin and even feet and adipose tissue are also used. After cutting everything, everything is ground in the same way as the hamburger meat, pushing the pieces of meat through metal plates to have the same texture as minced meat. Several ingredients are then added to the mixture including nitrates and nitrites which are two chemicals. When these two components are heated, they combine with the amines to form nitrosamines. The latter constitute a family of extremely dangerous chemical compounds, as they cause cancer, especially cancers of the stomach, colon, bladder and pancreas.

Nitrosamines are not the only carcinogenic compounds to be wary of. Meat cooked at high temperatures also forms other carcinogenic chemicals, such as heterocyclic amines and finished products of advanced glycation.

Science warns against the consumption of hot dogs:

In 2009, the American Institute for Cancer Research published a report based on the results of 7,000 scientific studies. The researchers said that every 50 grams of processed meat, a hot dog (a few slices of mortadella or smoked bacon), is associated with an 42% increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and 19% more risks of getting diabetes.

Another study from the University of Hawaii recently conducted a research that showed shocking results. The study found that people who consume hot dogs often have a 77% higher risk of pancreatic cancer than people who do not consume them.

In the youngest age, not only can the hot dog increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, but it can cause death by suffocation. In the scientific journal Pediatrics, a group of pediatricians say that hot dogs are among the foods that cause the most deaths in children who choked on eating. The cylindrical shape of hot dogs increases the risk of choking in children, researchers recommend food companies to rethink in general food to reduce the risk of choking.

Here are some alternatives to the famous hot dog

There are recipes that are as tasty as hot dog made from processed meat and preservatives:

  • The hot dog with chicken:marinate chicken fillets in light Italian dressing for 2 hours or overnight. Grill them until they are cooked and serve them on whole wheat rolls topped with honey mustard. They are as delicious as traditional hot dogs and especially with less fat, no saturated fat and especially less sodium.
  • The hot dog made from shrimp roll:Peel the shrimp and mix them in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill until shrimp is cooked and let cool. Remove tails and mix with plain yoghurt (about 1/4 cup of yogurt per 1 kg of shrimp), a drizzle of fresh lemon juice, chopped celery and chives. And in the end you can serve your shrimp with lettuce on whole wheat rolls.

Give free choice to your creativity and opt for receipts health especially for the little ones. There are many ways to prepare simple, tasty but healthier dishes than traditional hot dogs.

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