This mother trampled her child to death - you will not imagine his punishment

This mother trampled her child to death - you will not imagine his punishment

This mother trampled her child to death - you will not imagine his punishment

The death of a child is a tragedy, but it is even more so when he is killed by his own mother. It's simply a horrible act of great cruelty and you must be devoid of love, sensitivity and especially maternal fiber to get there. Be that as it may, it is an act that deserves the greatest punishment, as the story of this young mother shows.

Kathryn Smith is a 23-year-old woman who committed an abject crime by murdering her own child. Sentenced to life in prison, her nightmare will not stop there because the other inmates decided to play the role of karma, believing that her sentence was not up to the crime.

This mother trampled her child to death  

Convicted of the murder of her own 21-month-old daughter, Kathryn Smith was sentenced to life in Foston Hall Women's Penitentiary. The little girl had perished under the blows of her mother. According to the elements of the investigation, the child asked his mom to stop his torment just before the fatal blow in the chest. The latter was so violent that he caused the little girl three broken ribs and a fatal heart injury. Kathryn inflicted such serious injuries on her daughter that the experts compared the injuries to a victim of a fatal car accident.

In addition, social services in Derbyshire were reprimanded for failing to see the obvious signs of child abuse. Kathryn's child, named Ayeeshia Jane Smith, was originally a drug addict and was initially assigned to the care of social services. Subsequently she was put in the custody of her mother. Unfortunately, they did not see that the young mother was still not fit to take care of her daughter.

Ricky Booth, the little girl's father, said the crime was horrible and he bitterly regrets not being able to protect his child .

This mother trampled her child to death  

Poor Ayeeshia suffered such horrible wounds that her life was cut short by the only person who should have protected her. But, it seems that the police was not the only one to think that Kathryn deserved to be punished. Indeed, his fellow inmates decided that the prison was not a sufficient punishment for his heinous crime and decided to take matters into his own hands. According to the magazineMirror UKTwo inmates organized the young woman's attack in a stairwell where there were no surveillance cameras, leaving her on the ground in a pitiful state, before leaving the premises.

This mother trampled her child to death  

The other prisoners, who were present at the scene, did not intervene because they were afraid of seeing their sentence increase. Moreover, they wanted to see the young woman suffer for the heinous crime she had committed. Moreover, no staff member reacted to stop this massacre because nobody had sympathy for Kathryn. A prison officer even denied that a weapon had been used to attack Kathryn Smith and said that the two women who assaulted her have already been punished, without revealing the details of the punishment.

This mother trampled her child to death  

It should be noted that, unfortunately, other similar crimes have occurred, including that of Mitchelle Blair, who has been accused of murdering and torturing her two children. The two bodies were found in Mitchelle's freezer while the police proceeded to deport him, reports theDaily Mail UK. She ended up admitting her murder. Added to that, the suffering she was inflicting on her other two children by beating them with all possible means of torture. Mitchelle Blair was sentenced to life without parole and did not seem to regret her actions.

As horrible as it may seem, some mothers do not offer the protection and love their children need. Instead, they are cruel. Yet children are beings who deserve only tenderness and affection and it is our duty to protect them. If you agree, share this article!

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