This man sells wood to pay the medical bills of his wife, then a passerby learns a terrible news

This man sells wood to pay the medical bills of his wife, then a passerby learns a terrible news

This man sells wood to pay the medical bills of his wife, then a passerby learns a terrible news

In life, we sometimes find ourselves faced with unexpected situations that we are not really prepared for. This can be the abandonment by a loved one, the illness or loss of a loved one with all the pain that such events inflict whether it is emotional or financial.

The death of a loved one, a test to overcome

The loss of a loved one is considered a major source of trouble in the life of a human being. This disappearance can cause disruption on both the physical and psychological levels, especially when this tragic event affects the elderly who lose their spouse. Widowhood can lead to psychic symptoms such as "broken heart" syndrome, depression or the suffering of a feeling of loneliness. In addition, financial inconveniences can also amplify these discomforts, in particular, when it comes to a legacy of heavy debts to honor. Nevertheless, the solidarity of family, friends or even charitable people, can bring relief and comfort as well as a serene vision of the days to come.

A moving story

To illustrate this case concretely, we have the story of an old man named Kenneth Smith, whose case interested a woman named Jessica Pittman.

The latter, driving his car, saw him selling firewood in front of his car parked on the side of the road. He was always accompanied by his wife Helen. The latter suffered from a Cancer of the lungs and the couple could not afford to pay for expensive drugs and hospital bills, hence the reason for their presence on the edge of the road, selling wood.

man sells wood  

A year has passed, and one day, Jessica Pittman, still driving his car, sees Kenneth in front of his car, selling wood, but this time alone. His beloved wife, Helen, had died. Devastated and indebted, Kenneth was trying to pay the remaining hospital bills of his late wife. He had no choice but to stay there and hope someone bought him his wood.

man sells wood  

A message that will change everything

Upset to tears, Jessica decided she had to do her best to help. So she decided to post a message on Facebook to see if she could help the old man but neither she nor Kenneth were prepared for what was going to happen in the next few days.

In her message, Jessica Pittman described the situation of the old man by specifying his name and the place that is in Gulport where he used to park to sell the kindling bag and its price. She also said Kenneth was selling wood to pay the hospital's remaining medical bills for his wife who died after a long battle with cancer. By emphasizing that Kenneth had to spend all of his savings to pay off his debts, she solicited everyone's charity so as to go out and buy wood from the old man or make a contribution. directly to a "GoFundMe" account created by Leslie, the brave man's son.

man sells wood  

Jessica's message made its impact to a wide audience and stirred the sensibilities of many people across the country. For example, several people went to Gulport to buy firewood from Kenneth and his GoFundMe account raised an incredible $ 100,000, the equivalent of 80,000 euros, in about a week! It was an incredible result.

Although the system of health American is expensive and cancer treatments are excessively expensive for people with low incomes, we need to see the positive side of this story.

Humans can move mountains when they choose to help others. If everywhere in the world, the rich helped the poor, if mutual help and sharing became a culture, there would be no room for misery. We will cultivate a world open to abundance.

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