This family gathers to say goodbye to the mother. Then the son looks at his father, what he sees shocks him

This family gathers to say goodbye to the mother. Then the son looks at his father, what he sees shocks him

This family gathers to say goodbye to the mother. Then the son looks at his father, what he sees shocks him

There are many things we know about but we do not know certain aspects, love is clearly part of it. We often talk about the level of strength and depth that can reach this feeling between two people, but we still do not know how far his power can go. It seems that there are people who love each other so much that a spiritual connection ends up being established between them and making them the two halves of a single being. The story of this family is the perfect testimony.

What is true love?

  1. It is important to understand that true love is one that does not need any dependence to exist, or any need to fill a gap. So self-love is the central pillar in this building of love. The writer Walter Riso said, "If love was a tree, its roots would be self-love. The more you love yourself, the more your love will give fruit to others and the longer it will last. ".
  1. True love is one that exists without conditions or exceptions. If you love someone with reservations about things that are part of him or his life, it's because the relationship is not as sincere as you think. And if you idealize this person, you can be sure that it will lead you straight to disappointment, since no one is perfect.
  1. We must not forget that when we love someone, it is not by necessity, but by choice. Love is not supposed to fill the gaps that are in our personality . Happiness is not found in anyone but ourselves.
  1. Being sincerely in love does not mean having a life devoid of any problems at all. The worries of life are there and will not go away just because your love is genuine. Where your unwavering connection will make the difference is that you will have the strength to face the problems and always find solutions.
  1. We often hear that love is something that must be born naturally, which is not wrong in itself. But do we have to let things happen on their own once in the relationship? The answer is no. Love is something that must be maintained and built. If you often listen to your partner, that you are always there in the good times as well as in those who are less, it is that you are on the right track.

How far can the magic of love operate?

It often happens that love is so strong that it defies logic. Such was the case of Henry and Jeannette De Lange. This couple from the south side of Dakota remained welded for 63 years. Nevertheless, over the years, Jeannette was eventually affected by Alzheimer's disease, while Henry had started a merciless battle against the disease. Cancer of the prostate. But despite all these difficulties, they never left each other nor dropped.

On July 31, 2016, knowing that Jeannette was about to leave this world, the family met to say goodbye. And that's when something quite remarkable happens.

Together until the end

As the old woman died peacefully, all her family surrounded her. Lee, his son, says, "She died very, very peacefully. It was incredibly sweet. "

The son then watched his father, still fighting his cancer, and told him, "Mom is gone to heaven." Barely 20 minutes later, Henry opened his eyes and looked at his darling wife. Then he closed them one last time to die peacefully and join her. Lee adds: "We call this a beautiful act of providential love and mercy from God. Yes, you can not pray for someone's death, but you can not ask for a better start. "

 The story touching of this couple who has remained welded in death as it has been for 63 years shows us how much love can be so strong that it takes an extremely deep, spiritual and generally unknown form, except by those who will have lived true love.

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