These two teenagers notice a pretty woman and understand very quickly that she asks "help! "

These two teenagers notice a pretty woman and understand very quickly that she asks "help! "

These two teenagers notice a pretty woman and understand very quickly that she asks

There are times when we realize that what is called "chance" does things well. Especially when you find yourself in difficult situations where you just hope to meet the right person at the right time. The story of these two teenagers will reveal to you how fate can make us meet courageous people with a big heart.

Disappearances, a problem still present in France

In 2011, there were approximately 64,000 missing persons, of whom 50,000 were runaways of teenagers or children, and 500 were related to kidnappings organized by parents (following a separation).

During the year 2010, of the 50,000 officially recorded disappearances, 45,000 were in fact cases of running away from teenagers who had mostly completed well.

The file of people wanted on the French territory currently has more than 12,000 "disturbing disappearances". In a little more than 5% of the cases, these disappearances concern minors: the 583 files of the year 2009 are consequently clearly exceeded today. A few years after the beginning of the investigation, some of the wanted children can not be found, this mainly concerns cases of pedophilia. Two thirds of the missing are also people in a state of fragility suffering from depression or other mental illnesses.

A providential meeting

The two friends Aaron Arias and Jamal Harris, aged 19 and 17, respectively, were in a car when they noticed a pretty young woman sitting in the back of a car right next to theirs. As teenagers, they absolutely wanted to have eye contact with her. That's when they noticed something that gave them chills.

When the young woman saw them, she started saying something that the boys were clearly calling for help. They immediately felt that something was wrong, which prompted them to contact the police urgently while they were following the car where the young woman was.

"Yes, I'm on the highway. I witness a robbery ... Not a robbery, it's more like a kidnapping. Said Aaron to the police. He went on to say, "We were hanging out with a friend. So we look at the girl in the back seat because we said "okay, it's true that it's quite attractive" and suddenly, the guy who was with her in the car was returned to watch us. "

The intuition of the two young people was quite accurate

Fortunately, the police could follow the car and save the woman. When the boys heard about the terrible story of this kidnapping, they were so happy to have trusted their sense of courage and contacted the police.

It turned out that the 25-year-old was kidnapped at gunpoint by Charles Atkins Lewis, 37, who forced her to get in her car. Thanks to the responsiveness of Aaron and Jamal, she was saved and Lewis was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and robbery.

After the rescue, Aaron and Jamal met the young woman they rescued so she could thank them for their gesture. "I would describe it as the best hug I have ever had," said Aaron.

These two young boys will certainly be interested at first in this person in order to impress and attract his attention, but that did not mean that they would retreat face the danger for Save her. They then showed courage because all they were sure of at the time was that there was a life that was in jeopardy.

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