The world is terrified when he learns why this man beats his girlfriend

The world is terrified when he learns why this man beats his girlfriend

The world is terrified when he learns why this man beats his girlfriend

Domestic violence is a phenomenon that affects many sectors of the social system, affecting the development of a nation. The aggressors cost the states a fortune in terms of law enforcement, health care, lost workdays and overall progress. These costs do not only affect the current generation. What begins as an aggression of a person, affects the family and the community in the future. And the story of this Scottish young woman beaten by her boyfriend is an example among thousands of domestic violence.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence, also known as domestic violence, occurs between people in an intimate relationship. It can take many forms, including emotional, sexual and physical abuse and threats of abuse. Men are sometimes abused by their partners, but domestic violence is most often directed against women and can occur in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Abusive relationships always involve an imbalance of power and control. An abuser uses words and behaviours intimidating and hurtful to control his partner.

It may not be easy to identify domestic violence in the beginning. While some relationships are clearly abusive from the start, the abuse often begins subtly and gets worse over time. You could be victim family violence if you are in contact with someone who:

  • Calls you by naughty nicknames, insults, or belittles you
  • Prevents or discourages you from going to work or school or from seeing family members or friends
  • Try to control how you spend your money, where you go, what medications you take or what you wear
  • Very jealous or possessive or accuses you constantly of being unfaithful
  • Gets angry while drinking alcohol or using drugs
  • Threaten you with violence or with a weapon
  • Blows, kicks, jostles, slaps, chokes or hurts you, your children or your pets
  • Forcing you to have sex or to engage in sexual acts against your will
  • You blame for his violent behavior or tell you that you deserve it.

In France, 547,000 people a year are victims of domestic violence, the majority of whom are women. In 2016, 123 women died of spousal violence, either from their partner or ex-partner.

Every year, the number of victims among women is growing, and the testimony of this Scottish woman that we are going to present to you shows this rise in violence against women.

A victim of more domestic violence

James McCourt, 19, Kelsie Skillen's 18-year-old boyfriend, reportedly locked her in their apartment in Glasgow, Scotland. He then disconnected the Internet and took his phone. Then he punched her for four hours. Keslie said the incident occurred just after the couple's return from a party.

The world is terrified when he learns why this man beats his girlfriend  

James had accused Kelsie of having forgotten his jacket and his cigarettes behind her. After the incident, Kelsie escaped when James went to the bathroom. She took her iPad and called her mother. She was so bad that she missed three weeks of work.

The world is terrified when he learns why this man beats his girlfriend  

During the assault, James told Kelsie that she was going to have a disfigured face in the morning and that he was going to do things right. Sam Cathcart, the judge in the case, sentenced James McCourt to 21 months in prison, and to being under surveillance for eight months after his release from prison. James is also not allowed to contact Kelsie for five years.

The world is terrified when he learns why this man beats his girlfriend  

Kelsie posted photos of her tumefied face on Facebook to raise awareness about domestic violence. She wrote that she would not be able to forgive herself if she did not talk about it and if another girl suffered the same thing as her. She was grateful to all those who accompanied her to court to support her.

Kelsie remembers asking McCourt if it was worth going to jail and he said it did not bother him as long as she was dead. She is happy that he is in prison, unable to harm him.

The story of Kelsie Skillen shows once again the seriousness of what some women experience nowadays. Domestic violence is a plague that is making more and more victims. It is our duty to educate people, to bring up our children and to instil in them respect and love for others.

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