The shape of your feet reveals very special things about your personality

The shape of your feet reveals very special things about your personality

The shape of your feet reveals very special things about your personality

Nowadays, people are usually accustomed to all kinds of prediction methods, including those that go through the reading of the lines of the hands or the length of the fingers. But have you ever heard of the secrets of the shape of your feet? Like many parts of our body, the feet have their own distinct shape that makes us different from others.

We can certainly look like us sometimes, but a total and absolute resemblance between two people does not exist, even twins have physical differences. Differences that affect many parts of our body including our feet. Moreover, the shape of these may reveal certain characteristics of our personality. But is it true? Well, only you hold the answer to this question by observing the shape of your feet and discovering it for yourself. Here are the 9 foot shapes that reveal different personality traits.

The Egyptian foot

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If you have this foot shape, it means that all your toes form a perfect line and that each toe, starting with the biggest, is smaller than the previous one. What does it say about your personality? People with such feet are subject to mood swings. They are lonely and can be very discreet and do not like to reveal anything about themselves.

The Roman foot

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It is the most common type of foot and whose first three toes form a straight line. People who have such feet are generally friendly and very sociable. Moreover, for the little anecdote, it was the most common form of feet among the public figures of antiquity who were known for their charisma. Therefore, the name "Roman foot" appeared.

The farmer's foot

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It is one of the rarest forms of feet and where all toes are the same length. Such a foot seems angular, but it is regular. People with such feet are pragmatic, reasonable and very calm. They are trustworthy and can be easily relied on in serious business.

The Greek foot

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People with this form of feet have the second toe longer than all others. They are generally emotional, have a passion for art and tend to become leaders. Many athletes have Greek feet.

The little toe can not move on its own

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People who have this type of feet can move their little toes only using their fingers, but not through the toe muscles themselves. What does this form of foot mean? These people are usually workaholics who like to lead a stable life. They are wise calm and rather conservative.

The little toe can move quite

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If you sometimes feel that your little toe is leading your own life, then you probably have that type of foot. People with such feet are constantly looking for new things. They are adventurous, easy going and love change in everything. While the previous type of personality was actually in stability, these people are exactly the opposite and are always ready to splurge.

A very short toe

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People who have these "solitary" little toes tend to go against public opinion and do things their way. They prefer to be alone and avoid noisy and crowded places. They are used to developing their own dress style and can be easily noticed among other people.

The third toe is facing out

foot shapes  

People with such feet like to have everything under control. They are great planners and like things to go on without any surprise . These people just want to know everything in advance!

A gap between the toes

foot shapes  

People who have a gap between the second and third toe are really good at distinguishing between emotions and logic. They make good diplomats, traders and analysts. They are often accused of being detached and unemotional, whereas they are just realistic.

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