The police ask to keep car keys near you at night. It will save you the worst

The police ask to keep car keys near you at night. It will save you the worst

The police ask to keep car keys near you at night. It will save you the worst

A long message recently posted on Facebook has attracted the attention of users of the famous American social network. And for good reason ! This one was posted by police officers ...

You've probably noticed it already: when a person, a couple , or a family buys a new house or apartment, it is not uncommon to see them worry about the parking space ... and that's perfectly normal! Because your car is just out of the dealer or has been with you for many years, you probably do not want to see it being dented or broken. Yet, not putting your car in the garage at night could save your life ...

When the police deliver tips ...

In any case, some police officers say that they have not hesitated to reveal something unexpected on the social network Facebook.

"Your car has super power, and you may not know it," the police said in a small, improvised press release posted on Facebook. And to add: "In fact though, you are a little aware of what kind of super power it's about, but you may not know how to use it wisely ... "

The secret lies in your key ...

And more precisely in your key contact! Indeed, the police explained through their famous post that in your car key, there was a little touch that could literally change your life if you activated it in time ... "For this, it is essential that you keep the key from your car near your bed at night, on your bedside table or under your pillow if you prefer! ".

The key the police were talking about was the alarm key on your ignition key. Indeed, in case you have the impression that a burglar is returning home in the middle of the night, the police recommend that you activate your car alarm that will have the effect of scare away any thief! Also, be aware that the horn of your car will go out only when you choose to turn it off or until the battery runs out ...

"We also recommend that you adjust the volume of your alarm at your dealer if it turns out to be weak," adds the police in his Facebook post. And to conclude: "By the way, if you witness a scene of aggression in the street, you can just as well think about activating your car alarm if you are not far from your car. This will make the offender run away without him knowing where the alert came from (as long as you are, of course, as discreet as possible ...) ".

Very useful advice issued by police officers concerned about the safety of citizens, to limit the number of burglaries or assaults that has been increasing for several years now ...

Burglaries and assaults in France

Each year, nearly 243,000 burglaries take place in France, a burglary every 90 seconds! These last on average about 20 minutes and are usually executed in houses then in shops and banks ...

With regard to assault , these would be around 7% for men and women between the ages of 18 and 60, when it comes to robbery with or without violence according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies on this subject.

Alarming figures that reflect, among other things, the feeling of insecurity that some people sometimes feel even in their homes ...

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