The great trick to choose a sweet and delicious watermelon!

The great trick to choose a sweet and delicious watermelon!

The great trick to choose a sweet and delicious watermelon!

Who does not like watermelon, this refreshing fruit with a sweet taste? Watermelon is the summer fruit par excellence, it offers many benefits and virtues for health. But it is not always easy to know all the criteria of choice to buy a good watermelon. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best one.

This fruit, originally from Africa, is now very popular and very popular in all countries of the world. According to the statistics of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 1.3 kg of watermelon are consumed per person per year in France. 19% of households buy at least once a year. Highly used for its nutritional benefits and therapeutic , watermelon is a gold mine for health.

How to choose a good watermelon?

It is not easy to determine the maturity of the watermelon simply by its external appearance, but there are some tips to choose the right one.

1- Locate the yellow task:The ends of the watermelon must have a yellow spot that corresponds to where the fruit was in contact with the soil while the rest was ripening in the sun. The darker the task, the better the watermelon (dark yellow or even yellow-orange). If this task is white it means that the watermelon is not ripe enough and has been harvested too early.

2- Look for brown spots and lines:These spider web tasks are not very pretty, but they indicate that the bees pollinated the watermelon flower. They are a guarantee that the watermelon is sweet.

3- Choose the girl watermelon or boy watermelon:Farmers divide their harvest into watermelons "girls" and watermelons "boys". The so-called girls watermelons are the roundest watermelons that do not contain much water but which are very sweet. In contrast, the watermelons boys have a longer shape and their taste is more watery.

4- Locate the watermelon of average size:A good watermelon should be neither big nor small. A watermelon of medium size and quite heavy compared to its size, means that the fruit is ripe and is loaded with water. This rule applies almost to most fruits and vegetables. It is also necessary to choose a watermelon of homogeneous and symmetrical form, which does not contain bumps or cuts. Bumps are a sign of uneven exposure to the sun.

5- Inspect the stem: It is also necessary to check the stem, if it is green it means that the fruit is very young and it is not yet sufficiently ripe, unlike the dry stem which is often synonymous with ripe fruit.

6- Try to hit on it:This technique is not easy to master, but for some people it is very effective. Tap on it with your fingers, if the watermelon makes a full sound it means that it is ripe. If the noise is dull or deep, know that the watermelon is not mature enough.

How to keep a watermelon?

A whole watermelon can be kept for up to a week in the fridge or at room temperature. An open watermelon can be kept cool for up to 5 days, after which it will begin to lose its flavor. Once cut, the watermelon must be wrapped in a film of food. This technique will keep the flesh of the watermelon very fresh and juicy but also protected from the odors of food that are in the refrigerator.

How to cut a watermelon?

To begin, it is necessary to wash the fruit and dry it. Then put it on a cutting board and remove both ends with a kitchen knife. Pass the knife around the watermelon to separate the flesh from the skin and cut it in half. Then cut these two parts into quarters. Then get rid of the seeds by scraping them with a fork.

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