The children of this family are the most incredible in the world

The children of this family are the most incredible in the world

The children of this family are the most incredible in the world

Entrusting a child to a third person is not always an easy thing for biological parents, but there are circumstances that can make it difficult for parents to adopt their children. Is it beneficial for children, how are they developing? In addition to answering these questions, this article will tell you the story of a mother who adopted twins, her next pregnancies were also twins but the most amazing thing happens when she sees their birth certificate, she remains speechless!

Sometimes, for different reasons, often very difficult, a young mother can not keep the child she has just had or she is about to give birth, so she chooses to do so adopt. It is therefore important to note that each year, thousands of families are created through adoption, the benefits of this procedure affect both biological and adoptive parents as well as children.

The effects of adoption on children:

The data has shown that children adapt not only well to their adoptive family but they thrive. According to a 2007 National Survey of Adoptive Parents survey, 85% of adopted children were in excellent or very good health and have received more attention than unadopted children. Studies show that more than half of adoptees scored above average in universities and were more likely to join extracurricular activities than their un-adopted counterparts. Let's see if this will be the case for the children of the Kosinki family!

February 28, a day like no other

At the Kosinki family, February 28th is a special day, as this date coincides with the birthday of their six children!

The Grove and Wisconsin couple have always had a soft spot for adoption, as the two lovebirds first wanted to have their own biological children before adopting. But fate has decided otherwise, in 2013 the Kosinki received a call for help from a depressed pregnant mother who was expecting twins and looking for adoptive parents. She could not support her children financially.

After 3 months of their birth, the young couple established the legal guardianship of Adalynn and Kenna and began living a stable family life with their adoptive twins.

At the same time, Carrie discovers she is pregnant. Good news for the couple who wanted to have a biological child.

After a first ultrasound, the young parents discover that they were expecting twins, the pregnancy was not at all easy for Carrie. The doctors had to intervene and perform an emergency caesarean section to give birth to the biological children of the Kosinki couple. And as luck would have it the birth took place on February 28, 2014, it was like a kind of God blessing for the family that made everyone happy.

And it's not over !

In September 2015, Carrie learned she was pregnant again, and about a month later, she discovered that she was going to have another pair of twins !

The twins were born June 12, 2016, but Carrie had a very complicated pregnancy that required hospitalization for six weeks. At 24 weeks, the water bag broke and Carrie gave birth to Clarissa and Karraline ... emergency caesarean section ... February 28, 2016!

What a coincidence !

The brothers and sisters may have the same birthday, but Carrie says everyone has their own personality.

This beautiful adoption story is centered on love. Indeed, the more we give, the more we receive and the Kosinski family is truly proof of this. If this story moved you, do not hesitate to share it.

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