The best sexual positions when you have your period

The best sexual positions when you have your period

The best sexual positions when you have your period

In periods of menstruation, a woman may feel embarrassed to make love, because of her heavy periods or cramps that she may suffer. But finally, it does not change his libido since his estrogen and testosterone levels increase, which amplifies his desire to make love as explained by the sexologist, Carol Queen.

Indeed, some women feel more pleasure in making love during this period when others, on the contrary, do not feel like it. There are women who feel more psychological than physical discomfort to report sexual during the rules. Thus, what matters most is to respect the choice of both partners but also to find the ideal positions so that the sexual act is as comfortable as possible for both men and women.

So, ladies, here are the best sexual positions to adopt when you are menstruating:

1. The position of the butterfly

The best sexual positions when you have your period  

Lie on your back at the edge of the bed or a flat surface. With your partner standing in front of you, place your legs on his shoulders and use your arms to raise your hips until you reach your preferred angle. This position minimizes leaking blood , according to Ian Kerner, Sexology Consultant and author of the bookShe Comes First".

Trick: Place a stack of towels underneath your back to help prevent muscle fatigue.

2. The position of the spoon

The best sexual positions when you have your period  

This position controls the angle of penetration and gives your partner easy access to your body. This allows her to caress your breasts, more sensitive during this period, says Jane Greer, sexologist and author of the bookWhat About Me".

Trick: Gravity is always on your side and shallow penetration can be less restrictive if your cramps play you wrong tricks.

3. The position of the standing doggystyle

The best sexual positions when you have your period  

It is an excellent position to practice in the shower. So you can kill two birds with one stone: stay clean and enjoy pleasure . Likewise, the water decreases and relieves your menstrual cramps. Lean against the wall arching your back so that penetration is easier.

Trick: Your partner can place a foot on the edge of the bath for more stability.

4. The position of the missionary

The best sexual positions when you have your period  

The position of the missionary is most common among couples, especially among women during periods of menstruation. Moreover, it is the most recommended because the extended position helps to minimize cramps.

Trick: For intense pleasure, try the missionary with tight legs, this will add pressure and help reduce the flow.

Note that practicing sex during menstruation does not necessarily imply penetration. It's all about choice of methods to get pleasure. However, it is advisable to use a condom. Sexually transmitted infections spread more easily during menstruation, as blood can promote rapid contamination. Protection is therefore required!

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