The 10 best expert secrets to have a lot of fun in bed

The 10 best expert secrets to have a lot of fun in bed

The 10 best expert secrets to have a lot of fun in bed

Fast or slow, easy or rather laborious, female orgasm is a fragile enjoyment. It is more complex than that of the man so it is dependent on several parameters.

Gentlemen, to be able to give pleasure to your partner and to give him a jouissance which she will remember for a long time take the time to know her first and the orgasm will be at the rendezvous. To help you, the experts shared the best secrets for amazing reports! Here are 10 that almost always guarantee the orgasm of your partner.

1. Send a subtle message

Researchers say that emotional intimacy plays an important role in a woman's sexual experience, which means that foreplay must contain, in addition to caresses and kisses, emotional preparation through soft words. In fact, to reinforce your connection and give it the sense of connectivity it needs to be stimulated, experts suggest starting with a message, for example, at breakfast time: "Hi my love, I'm not stopping to think of you and I can not wait for tonight. "

2. Relaxation

For a woman to be really excited, the parts of her brain associated with external stress and anxiety should be disabled. So, do not forget to bring it into a relaxed environment, and fire slowly. Most women need 15 to 20 minutes of sexual arousal to reach orgasm with their partner.

3. The kisses

Now that you know that a woman's body can take a lot more time than a man's to get excited, you'll understand that female orgasm is only meant to maintain her excitement. And one of the easiest ways to do this, according to clinical sexologist Dr. Patti Britton, is a return to kissing, and making it an integral part of the sexual act, not just preliminaries. It sounds banal, but the kiss is important for the woman because it sends significant stimulation through her body that no other gesture sends.

4. Compliments

When you're in action, you probably think of the words of encouragement she has to tell you, but a woman's mind, on the other hand, might be somewhere else. She might wonder if you noticed her stretch marks on her belly or the pounds she took. Moreover, all studies have shown that even minor body image problems can inhibit one's ability to enjoy sex and reach orgasm. Do not hesitate to show him how beautiful his body is and what you like.

5. Patience

Many men approach oral sex as an act of foreplay, but direct clitoral stimulation could be perceived as a premature act which can inhibit her desire to make love. So spend at least five minutes kissing, caressing and taking care of the rest of your body first before going on to cunnilingus.

6. Lubricate first

A good lubricant is important, if your finger is dry and not very excited, it can be painful. This kind of uncomfortable faux pas can ruin everything and prevent you from enjoying this moment of pleasure.

7. Multitasking

When Dr. Barry Komisaruk, behavioral neuroscientist at Rutgers University and author ofThe Science of Orgasm, has mapped the brains of women in a study, he discovered that stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, cervix and nipples activates slightly different parts of the brain. Using your penis and two hands to excite these crucial points at the same time, this pleasure center in her head will light up like a firework and orgasm is guaranteed.

8. Rotate your tongue

According to sexologist Dr. Patti Britton, It is strongly recommended to rotate the tongue so that it crosses the entire clitoris, this method will guarantee you a better excitement.

9. Explore

Give up the traditional missionary position from time to time and dare to explore other positions. Talk to your partner, a greyhound or Andromache will better stimulate your partner and help him reach his orgasm.

10. Involvement

For many women, reaching orgasm requires a sense of inner concentration, so you will not necessarily hear moans or cries. His eyes will close, you will feel muscle tension throughout his body and, if you engage in manual or oral stimulation, you may feel a complete tightening of the pelvic floor. At this point, it is almost there, and the best way to push it beyond the finish line is to exert pressure on the clitoris. Let her do the work until she gets there, then get ready for the second round. Yes, women can have multiple orgasms!

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