She weighed 300 kilos, now look at her incredible transformation after losing 121 pounds!

She weighed 300 kilos, now look at her incredible transformation after losing 121 pounds!

She weighed 300 kilos, now look at her incredible transformation after losing 121 pounds!

Overweight and obesity are disorders that have almost doubled over the last 20 years, quite frightening statistics that leave behind a population susceptible to many chronic diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure heart failure, etc. These are not the only consequences of obesity, the lack of sexual fulfillment is one too. Such was the case of this 24-year-old woman who weighed 300 kilos, but decided to lose weight after her sex life became non-existent.

Sexual fulfillment is often linked to our state of health, being healthy promotes sexual fulfillment, and having a fulfilling sex life improves the health of the body. American researchers have even proven through a study that massive weight loss is associated with an improvement in the quality of life including sexual. This weight loss is often the result of surgery that will come to relieve people who suffer from severe obesity.

Fewer pounds more sex drive

The relationship between weight loss and desire can be explained by different reasons:

  • The self-confidence that weight loss can bring to the person plays an important role in the excitement and desire. A person who is convinced and satisfied with his body will see himself excel in creativity sexual . Indeed, the physical complex remains the main obstacle to sexual fulfillment.
  • Weight loss improves fertility hormone levels because excess body fat negatively influences the hormone essential for regular ovulation in women but also sperm production in humans.

The extra pounds can therefore prevent the obese person from enjoying his sex life normally, some will have the click and try to find solutions to get rid of this excessive fat, others will continue in the same way of life.

Amber, the story of radical change!

Amber Rachdi, a native of Oregon, USA, is a girl who has chosen to enjoy her sex life and improve the quality of her daily life by losing the extra pounds she has accumulated for years.

At the age of 24, this woman weighed 300 kilos, a weight that slowed her development to the point that she could not take care of herself anymore. She returned to live with her parents so that they could help her with her daily tasks.

She left home only to buy food and was entirely dependent on her electric wheelchair.

She weighed 300 kilos  

The fat has not only affected Amber mentally, but also physically. The thick folds of the skin had to be washed with a long brush so that it could prevent inflammation. She tried several diets but each time she came out with extra pounds because she could not resist the temptation of food. And the more she was unhappy the more she ate!

She weighed 300 kilos  

She was stuck in a vicious circle to the point that she could not even sleep with her boyfriend anymore because she was so overweight. His sex life was nonexistent.

That's when she decided to have surgery but she still had concerns. There were huge risks associated with the operation because of its weight. Amber underwent an operation where he was made a bypass gastric , or gastric short circuit. It is a surgical operation that consists in reducing the volume of the stomach and modifying the food circuit. But before practicing it, the young woman had to lose 10 kilos.

Amber was determined. She moved to Texas to be closer to Dr. Nowzaradan, the doctor who was going to operate on it. She has also started a healthy eating routine.

In just three months, the young woman lost an extra 8 kilos and finally she was able to have surgery.

Seven months after the operation, Amber had lost more than 40 pounds. This fat in months was a source of motivation for her, so she started practicing sports to keep up the pace.

Twelve months after her operation, Amber was delighted with the result because she managed to lose 65 kilos, she was unrecognizable!

She weighed 300 kilos  

Amber continued her healthy lifestyle and also underwent cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin.

And to cope with so many changes, the young woman followed a therapy in order to control and manage her desires food !

While Amber still has a few pounds to lose to reach her target weight, she is happy and fulfilled in her new life.

She weighed 300 kilos  

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