She drank carrot juice every day for 8 months: you will not believe what happened ...

She drank carrot juice every day for 8 months: you will not believe what happened ...

She drank carrot juice every day for 8 months: you will not believe what happened ...

Cancer is a disease characterized by an unorganized proliferation of cells. Factors favor the onset of this disease such as heredity, lifestyle or age. But the pains related to this disease are hard to live psychologically and physically. Discover how carrots can help you through this ordeal!

Among the unconventional medicines that help fight against Cancer , we find soft medicine, natural medicine but also methods acting on the body and mind as sophrology or massage. These methods help in different ways to reduce the discomfort associated with this disease.

It is for this reason that this woman with cancer has resorted to a surprising natural method, here is her story!

Ann's fight against cancer:

She drank carrot juice every day for 8 months  

Ann Cameron is the author of various children's books but became famous when she was diagnosed with colon cancer because the natural treatment she used is surprising ...

In June 2012, she underwent surgery to fight colon cancer, which is already in stage 3, when cancer cells invade the lymph nodes near the tumor.

Her husband died as a result of chemotherapy to treat lung cancer, she categorically refuses this protocol that oncologists offer him.

Every day she feels better. But after six months, cancer spreads around the lungs , and the disease passes to stage 4. This expresses the fact that the disease now affects distant organs of the colon or rectum.

Ann then dedicates her time to finding an alternative and natural way to treat her colon cancer. She discovers the story of 26-year-old Ralph Cole, who has been diagnosed with skin cancer and has managed to heal by consuming 2 liters of carrot juice a day.

Ann follows her steps and begins this natural treatment. After drinking carrot juice every day for two months, the diagnosis reveals that the cancer is no longer spreading and that tumors and lymph nodes are narrowing.

After four months, the cancer continues to stop spreading and Ann's lymph nodes return to normal.

Finally, after eight months of therapy with carrot juice, the CT scan, that is to say the scanner, shows that the cancer has disappeared!

Carrot juice has anti-cancer properties and the carotene content in carrots will prevent the appearance of tumor cells. After this experience, Ann Cameron wrote a book "Treat cancer with carrots", Available for sale on the internet.

The benefits of carrots:

The consumption of carrots helps in the fight against cancer but also improves our general health. Indeed, the carrot is good for:

The skin

Rich in beta-carotene, this root vegetable slows the aging of the skin. Its antioxidant power promotes healing and improves the general condition of our epidermis. The carrot also strengthens our resistance to ultraviolet to prolong our tan and display a nice complexion!


The carrot contains vitamin A which is essential for vision and reduces the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. But that's not all, it allows to see better in a poorly lit or at night thanks to its rhodopsin content.


Very rich in vitamins and water, the carrot is a slimming food because it is low in calories. Cooked cooked, raw or in juice, this orange vegetable will accompany you in your weight loss by its diuretic effect.

The teeth

Carrots help clean teeth and gums, especially when eaten raw. In addition, it strengthens oral health by boosting blood flow in the mouth which prevents the attachment of bacteria on the teeth.

Warnings :

There are indications and contraindications for chemotherapy, it may be useful depending on the type of cancer, talk to your oncologist.

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