Science has confirmed that people who use big words are more honest

Science has confirmed that people who use big words are more honest

Science has confirmed that people who use big words are more honest

According to a study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, people who use cursing are considered more honest. The expletive is exteriorized by inappropriate and vulgar language corroborated by a mixture of emotion, anger and frustration. By the way, According to science and some studies, swearing is good for the human being. It has been proven that those who swear, in addition to being honest, are happier, healthier but also intelligent.

By swearing, we not only communicate the meaning of a sentence, but also our emotional response. Swearing also allows us to express anger, disgust or pain, or to tell someone to retract, without resorting to physical violence. A study indicates that during an argument, the use of blasphemy can lead to greater efficiency and greater persuasion!

Study on swearing

Studies have shown that those who swear have higher levels of integrity and can, in turn, be much more honest people. For this purpose, David Stillwell of the University of Cambridge, considers that the connection between the oath and honesty is delicate. A person who swears is often frowned upon. However, she does not filter her language or point of view to be better considered. She is frank and honest. Moreover, the researchers have designated some politicians, as swearing enthusiasts and who do not hesitate to use them to express their points of view.

How was this study done?

The study involved a number of participants who answered questions about the use of swear words and the context in which they did so. Then these participants were evaluated on their tendency to lie. It turned out that the people who use the most swear words were the most honest and less likely to lie . In a second step, the analysis was focused on the comments of Facebook users and deduced that people who use pronouns "I" and "I" associated with curses, tend to be more honest.

Relationship between curses and our IQ

In addition, it has been shown that swearing may be related to higher IQ. Generally, the use of big words is considered a lack of linguistic richness. However, studies have shown that swearing is a sign of intelligent use of language and that it is a means of communicating with maximum efficiency. Thus, the use of vulgar expressions on a larger scale attests rather to a developed language and not the opposite.

The effect of swearing on our well-being

On the mood

According to research, swearing from time to time can improve our mood. So, swearing can release endorphins, like exercise and can improve our mood in general. There is nothing better than letting out a few big words after an exhausting and stressful day or in particularly distressing circumstances.

On endurance

According to the study presented by Dr. Richard Stephens, British psychobiology specialist, people who sweared during a physical exercise demonstrated more than strength and endurance than those who repeated neutral words.

On the pain

The expletive has been shown to be an emotional response to stress and releases adrenaline acting as a pain reliever to relieve emotional pain. It has also been proven, according to the psycho-biologist, that the use of violent words increases his heart rate and resistance to physical pain.

Thus, saying outrageous things can be considered an act of authenticity, or intelligence and can improve our well-being. It is even undeniable that it relieves considerably and provides some pleasure but provided it is used wisely avoiding drifts and dangerous conflict situations.

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