If you have ever dreamed of making love, you must be aware of this

If you have ever dreamed of making love, you must be aware of this

If you have ever dreamed of making love, you must be aware of this

Whether we are single or in a couple and no matter how dedicated we are to our partner, we can not avoid erotic dreams. Many of us do it but less to admit it when it happens. However, our dreams reveal certain things about our psychic state and sometimes about our sexuality. They allow us to relieve stress, to free our fears and especially to balance our desires.

To make an erotic dream, is not a sign of perversity but rather demonstrates that the person who makes it, is in good health and able to satisfy unconscious impulses. The erotic dream is a true object of liberation and allows the individual to fulfill buried needs and thus to blossom better in everyday life. According to a report by INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), 70% of women against 80% of men in France claim to have erotic dreams at least once or twice a year.

At what age do erotic dreams manifest?

It's from the adolescence that these dreams begin to appear. It is an exciting and stimulating experience. Indeed, during this period of life, we leave room for love feelings, amplified by a hormonal upheaval. Teenagers have frequent erotic dreams when they are excited while asleep, ranging from 5 to 10 dreams a year.

While women are more likely to have it during ovulation because of higher levels of hormones and consequently libido.

How is an erotic dream manifested?

Have a Orgasm during sleep, may seem surprising. Indeed, to do this, many efforts are made. Dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg revealed that our body can not distinguish between the moment we dream and the moment we sleep. During our sleep, our prefrontal cortex is no longer active and we are not aware that we are dreaming. So, we do the same experience with a nightmare when we wake up sweating, beating heart. It's the same with an erotic dream when we reach orgasm.

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg declares that this is not just about physical reactions. Indeed, the brain sends signals to our nerve endings, that a sexual act is occurring. So, he reacts as if it were real. The blood flows into the vagina or penis, contracts to eventually reach orgasm. The latter can wake some people if it is intense.

How often do we have sexual dreams?

The sexologist Jess O'Reilly, revealed after a study that men of a young age dream of sex nine times a year on average, while many people do not have any at all. One theory suggests that erotic dreams are caused by increased activity in the dopaminergic system (the brain's reward center), and inactivity of the prefrontal cortex, which often controls a person's sexual drive.

Can we interpret erotic dreams differently?

The dreams erotic are not necessarily the reflection of our sexual desires. They can also have psychological interpretations. According to Loewenberg, erotic dreams derive their content from repressed desires and the accumulation of experience. When we dream of sex with a person who is not close to us, it is likely that we should incorporate something into our own lives or our behavior. On the other hand, dreaming of making love to a stranger does not necessarily mean the desire to deceive our partner in life, but rather the need to let go and exercise less control over our lives. Have the desire to release a desire that goes beyond sex.

Nathalie Giraud Desforges, a psychoanalyst, says that the erotic dream can be hidden behind non-sexual images, for example taking the form of a phallic object, a snake for the male sex or a cat for the female sex. It is the interpretation of these dreams that makes all the difference. We realize that the dream tells something other than what we believe.

According to Freud, we are all the characters of the dream. The person with whom one makes love in the dream, the object or the animal which appear there, denote something that one would like to be, that one wants to value in oneself or a desire that one would like accomplish. The erotic dream has not only a sexual connotation, it can especially explain a malaise and constitute a clue on the hidden anxieties, the repressed desires not realized and the blockages kept in the spirit of a person.

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