If he does these 7 things, it means that he is cheating on you or that he intends to do so

If he does these 7 things, it means that he is cheating on you or that he intends to do so

If he does these 7 things, it means that he is cheating on you or that he intends to do so

The more time passes, the more we realize how many ways to deceive his partner. There are even some who are masters in the art of concealment and deception and they see in each new conquest a feat to add to their hunting table. On the other side, the partner will suffer from these infidelities, which is why it is better to trust his intuition and analyze the behavior of the other.

Moreover, if your partner deceives you while you are not paying attention, there is a good chance that these little adventures become for him a habit . But no matter what your spouse's acting talent is, there are things that will inevitably affect his behavior.

  1. He becomes discreet about his phone

Being in a relationship does not mean giving up your privacy. But if your partner diverts the screen of his phone when he uses it, keep his secret code away from you and usually acts rather bizarre about it, it is that he has something to hide. In a healthy relationship, the partners use each other's phones and do not become paranoid about them because they have nothing to hide.

  1. He is constantly looking for the little beast

You have never used to argue and now he harasses you constantly, gets angry and triggers conflict for nothing. It's like he's trying to get you to break up with him. Often, a man who is too cowardly to end the relationship can make your life difficult, hoping that it will not be up to him to do everything.

  1. It suddenly changes style

We all do it when we are happy in our relationships, we become more focused on the essentials rather than the appearance. Therefore, we opt more for comfort than for attractiveness. A relationship happy is where we stop trying to be perfect and where we live things naturally. So, if your partner suddenly goes to the gym, buys new clothes or borrows your skincare, it's probably that there is a rock eel.

  1. He accuses you of fooling him

This behavior can quite surprise you and it is that in the midst of an argument, your partner suddenly accuses you of lying, deceiving, keeping secret certain things or any other harmful behavior of which it is in reality himself guilty. When we are unfaithful, we think that everyone is. A guilty conscience generates a suspicious spirit.

  1. He is suddenly very busy with work

This may sound like a cliché, but it's true: men who have multiple deals to manage often have to work long hours, go on business trips, or even sleep in the office. This is directly related to a fairly classic sign of infidelity. So, if his workload changes without any job changes, you should clear things up with him by discussing them, instead of setting them aside and letting them get worse.

  1. He does not want to have sex anymore or suddenly wants a lot

Unfaithful men work in two distinct ways: either they avoid having sex with you, or they want to have sex all the time. Those who do not care may be in love with the person with whom they have an affair, and they feel uncomfortable "cheating" with you. Whereas those whose sexual impulses intensify are generally driven by the phenomenon of "the more we have, the more we want" or by a feeling of guilt that makes them want to redeem themselves.

  1. You have a feeling that you can not ignore

Whether you believe in signs or not, you should be more confident about your intuition . Too often, we try to get rid of our suspicions. However, know that your instinct is probably more convincing than you imagine!
If you have a bad feeling, or if you notice any of the points in this list in your man's behavior, you will have to confront him with your suspicions and if he has nothing to hide from you, this should not pose of problem.

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