How to help a woman to have her first orgasm?

How to help a woman to have her first orgasm?

How to help a woman to have her first orgasm?

How to have an orgasm? Here is the question that thousands of women ask themselves. This is a pleasure that is not easy to achieve for many of them. Some men do not know how to use their assets so that their partner reaches orgasm but it is not impossible. Vanessa Marin, a renowned sexologist, has given men eight steps to help their partner reach the Holy Grail.

Following a study by Vanessa Marin on the ability of women to reach orgasm, it emerged that they face many challenges and blockages to reach the climax. In addition, she has developed techniques to help women let go and relax to indulge in the intoxicating world of pleasure.

Here for you, gentlemen, the 8 steps to help your partner reach orgasm.

  1. Do not put pressure on him

One of the main frustrations that a woman encounters during a sexual act is the pressure exerted by her partner to reach the Orgasm . As a result, the woman will feel that she is not performing well. This is the blocking factor par excellence.

advice: Do not discuss the subject of orgasm with her. Put yourself at ease with soothing words by showing her that the most important thing is that she feels pleasure in making love to you.

  1. Make it your center of interest

A woman likes to be the center of attention and interest of her man and feel his desire to give him the delights of sex. However, many women are not so lucky.

advice: Pay attention to his body and be clever with your communication by making him understand that you are having fun before yours.

  1. Make her feel good in her body

One of the reasons it can be difficult for a woman to reach orgasm is discomfort with the smell and taste of her genitals.

advice: Reassure him and put him at ease, by complimenting him on the beauty of his organ, his taste. Give her confidence and make her feel like a queen and you can get lost between her legs.

  1. Flirt with her

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is to go to work very quickly and want to move quickly to penetration. Most women like to take their time with foreplay, kissing and hugging.

advice: Spend a lot of time brushing her neck with kisses, kissing her thighs and brushing her underwear with your lips, until she begs you to venture between her legs.

  1. Stroke her clit

A man must understand that a woman's clitoris is more delicate than her penis. Thus, it must be handled with great gentleness and finesse. Brutality only makes her clitoris insensitive to pleasure.

Counche: As the clitoris is the center of the orgasmic universe of the woman, make sure to stimulate it with skill. Use your fingers, your tongue or both to stroke it. With your tongue, try to make round movements. She will thank you.

  1. Ask her what she likes

A woman needs a caring man with her and be attentive to her needs.

adviceDo not ask her what she wants, you will only embarrass her. It will be more intelligent to ask him between two speeds or two pressures, what would be his preference so that it puts you on the right track.

  1. be patient

Women take about 20 minutes to reach orgasm. The man must maintain a slow pace and be patient while continuing to feel comfortable.

adviceIf you see that she is starting to get impatient, reassure her and tell her that you adore that and that you will continue until she asks you to stop.

  1. Have fun

Sexual pleasure is first of all fun. Do not hesitate to explore several sensory pleasures to your partner. Opt for all kinds of games whether it's with gadgets or role plays, if she likes that. There is nothing better than having an enthusiastic partner. She will be able to relax and be surprised by the pleasure.

A man must be able to meet the needs and desires of his partner. Open-mindedness about sex is paramount and anything that could excite your sweetheart must be taken into account for its sexual fulfillment. You will be his first orgasm, his favorite.

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