Here's why you need to start spreading salt around the house. It's incredible !

Here's why you need to start spreading salt around the house. It's incredible !

Here's why you need to start spreading salt around the house. It's incredible !

The benefits of salt are numerous. Even with some contraindications, he can be a great ally in cleaning the house or improving daily health. Find in this article some incredible uses of salt.

You may have already noticed, there are different forms of salt and also different colors. Here is a clarification on 4 varieties of salt.

1) Refined salt

Also known as table salt, refined salt is the most common and is characterized by its fine texture and white color due to the refinement process. Some additives are added during refinement to prevent small piles from forming again.

2) Himalayan pink salt

Its very distinctive color comes from the iron oxide in the mine from which it is harvested and its texture is in the form of small rock (like tiny pebble).

3) Sea salt

Sea salt is extracted from the evaporation of water and is generally of crystalline structure of a translucent white color. It also contains minerals such as magnesium.

4) Celtic salt

After the refining process, this salt has a wet texture and is a little gray in color. Like sea salt, it is collected after evaporation of water but it comes from a particular region of France. Compared to other salts, Celtic salt is generally richer in iron and less rich in sodium, which is especially good if you are trying to limit your salt intake.

Apart from its use as a condiment for raising dishes, salt can be used in different ways.

Salt is useful for cleaning the house

Salt does not contain any chemicals, but it has incredible disinfecting properties. To clean your floors, you can add half a cup of salt to the water you use. Your ceramic tile will not get dirty as quickly, and your floors will be brighter.

Salt helps you keep ants far from home

To eliminate ants, sprinkle salt on window sills or any other surface overgrown with ants. The salt lowers the humidity in the house and thus repels the ants. To avoid an invasion of these small animals, store your food in airtight containers made of glass or plastic.

Salt helps polish silver cutlery and copper utensils

If you have silver cutlery and copper utensils, know that salt can help keep them clean and sparkling. Mix the salt with vinegar and rub them to glow again after rinsing them. This paste dissolves stains and dirt.

Salt can help unclog a sink

If the grease has piled up in your sink, mix hot water with salt and pour the mixture into the sink. The salt will melt the accumulation of grease that has clogged your sink and you will find a fresh smell in your sink.

Salt helps rejuvenate your skin

Salt can also be used for aesthetic purposes. For example, you can combine salt and olive oil to make a scrub. Use the mixture to rub the whole body (except the face) and take a shower. Salt is an excellent exfoliator that removes all dead skin cells. Do not abuse this scrub to not dry your skin.

Salt helps you remove stains from your curtains and linens

If your laundry or carpet has been stained with wine or food, soak a cloth in concentrated salt water and rub the stained area until it regains its original luster.

Salt is also a dental remedy

To fight against a toothache or a sore in the mouth, dissolve the salt in warm water and make a gargle. To whiten your teeth, use a mixture of sea salt and baking soda. Apply the mixture to your teeth and brush them for a few minutes. Do this brushing once a week. The nutrients contained in sea salt (silicon, iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium calcium) protect your teeth against tartar and strengthen your gums. Be careful not to abuse it because you will weaken the enamel of your teeth.

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