Here's the REAL reason why women scream during love

Here's the REAL reason why women scream during love

Here's the REAL reason why women scream during love

In lovemaking, it is the women who often make the most noise and most men think that this sound manifestation is due to the fact that they are wonderful sexual partners. For them, the screams and moans of their partner are signs of their sexual prowess. While this may be true in some cases, there are many more reasons why women moan during love. Not to mention that the reasons why women moan differ from one woman to another.

1. Automatic response to pleasure

One of the most common reasons why women moan during sex is simply because it's an automatic response to pleasure . Just as sighing when you slide in a hot bath, the pleasure you get from sex can cause an audible and unintended response.

2. Automatic response to pain

When sex is painful, most women find it difficult to tell their man and often moan in pain. It's involuntary just like when they moan while feeling pleasure. The next time you have sex with your partner, ask if her moans are due to pleasure or pain.

3. To increase their libido

With all the hectic daily activities, some women usually have trouble getting in the mood to have sex and they will moan to help themselves to be excited. According to several polls, women have confessed that moaning helps them forget the stressful events they have encountered during the day and that can inhibit their ability to enjoy the moment.

Moaning helps a woman to give up thoughts negative ones that bother her and focus instead on the sexual act.

4. To boost men's self-esteem

Most women usually begin to moan after foreplay at the time of penetration and will increase the noise when their man almost reaches orgasm. Most women say they usually moan to encourage their partner, make them feel more comfortable and boost their self-esteem. This kind of behavior increases the self-esteem of the man which reinforces the bond with his companion.

5. To change your sexual tone

Moaning is a way to express oneself without words, so it's easy to see how moans can change the pace sex of a man. If a woman moans with pleasure and her partner starts doing something she does not like, she changes her moan and the sound becomes more uncomfortable. The partner must change his practice or pace to please his partner. It's a way to guide him without actually telling him what to do.

6. To speed things up

Some women will moan if they find the sexual act boring and want it to end more quickly. It usually works for these women because most men are usually very excited by such moans that they will have an orgasm quickly. Many women have admitted to simulating orgasms by moaning to help speed up some of the boring or drowsy legs.

7. To slow things down

Some women use their moans to help slow the rhythm when they feel that their mate is going to have an orgasm too early. They often do this by changing the rhythm of their bodies and the tone of their moans so that their man can understand that they want to prolong this moment of intense intimacy.

Most women agree that they used moans to help slow down a partner who has fast orgasms.

8. To excite the man even more

There are times when a woman wants sex but the man is not in the mood to do it. A woman in this situation will moan to help her man get excited. Men are generally sensitive to the noises women make especially during sex.

Many men confessed to having been excited by their wife's moans, even though initially they were not even in the mood to have sex.

So, gentlemen, if you do not do it already, be attentive to the reactions and especially to the moans of your partner during your lovemaking.

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