Here is the classification of the signs of the zodiac of more to less cuddly!

Here is the classification of the signs of the zodiac of more to less cuddly!

Here is the classification of the signs of the zodiac of more to less cuddly!

According to our family model, our education and our personality, we are sometimes not very inclined to the marks of affections. But, without knowing each other's past, how do we distinguish between people who are cuddly and those who are less cautious? Thanks to astrology! Indeed, in view of the study and reading of the stars, it is possible to determine the classification of zodiac signs from more to less cuddly.

  1. TAURUS (APRIL 20 - MAY 20)

Taurus loves cuddling, but when he wants to make one, he tends to have wandering hands. For him, cuddling is a way to be closer to someone and to show affection rather than kiss or by holding the hand of his / her partner.

  1. CANCER (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)

For Cancer, hugging is a way of knowing someone intimately. Of course, he loves to talk but it's when he feels confident enough and snuggles up against his / her partner that he's the most open. For him, cuddling is a way of exposing oneself to the other.

  1. LION (July 23 - August 22)

Lion loves affective displays. Unlike some signs that get to know their romantic partners by sharing details about themselves, Leo learns about others through touch. He likes the feeling of being close to someone.

  1. FISH (FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 20)

The sign of Pisces loves to cuddle so much that even when he has no one to do with, he dreams he does with his favorite person. There is something about having someone (or something) close to him that comforts him.

  1. BELIER (MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)

Not only is Aries a big fan of hugs, but he's a pro in this area. He knows how to place his arm, so that no one is in an uncomfortable position. He also loves to play to fight and to tease each other in public, to show him his attachment.


The sign of Libra loves affection when it arrives in a constant and manageable flow. He is not in big demonstrations and if you do not give him affection regularly, he will think that you have lost interest in him.


The Scorpion can be an intense lover but hugs are not really his thing. He may be up for demonstrations of public affection, but he is not one to wrap you with his arms when there are a lot of people around. His idea of ​​affection usually does not include snuggling up against each other.


Capricorn loves to control the situation and when he cuddles with someone, there is no way for him to assert his domination of the other. So if he gives you affection or suddenly starts to cuddle you, do not expect it to last for hours.


The sign of the Virgin is someone who is attentive and loving, but does not easily show affection. He does not like big demonstrations of affection and takes a more practical approach to showing his love, so do not expect him to take your hand every time you are outside.


Sagittarius loves being in a relationship but do not expect him to be very cuddly. It is not uncommon for him to get into a ball if you are too close to him and even when he is in a relationship Serious, he continues to need his personal space.


Aquarius is one of the least cuddly signs. In fact, if you do not leave him personal space, he will probably not be happy with you. Aquarius shows his affection in his own way and at the moment he wants. If you squeeze or feel guilty about it, your relationship will not last long.

  1. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

When it comes to affection, the sign of Gemini likes to send nice texts, whisper sweet words etc. Indeed, it is rather an affectionate person verbally. Cuddling gives him the impression that he has only to lie there without doing anything or saying anything.

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