Here are the best sexual positions for you according to your age

Here are the best sexual positions for you according to your age

Here are the best sexual positions for you according to your age

Sex, a very physical act, is both relaxing and tiring. But while it takes effort, its benefits are usually worth it because your mind, body, and soul are involved in the process, which makes you enjoy each moment of fun with your partner. But as your body ages, you begin to be more aware of the changes that can make some things physically impossible. Here is a list of the appropriate positions for each age group, starting with people in their twenties.

  1. Between 20 and 25 years

It is age where most young adults have regular sex. They also explore different possibilities and practices. Their bodies, too, help them practice positions that are even complex.

"The wheelbarrow", a position in which the woman leans on her arms and her partner holds her pelvis her hands in order to penetrate her, is one of the most suitable positions. Because they require strength and flexibility. Their practice becomes more trying a few years later, so enjoy it.

  1. Between 25 and 30 years

This age group is one of the most sexually active. Because it is at this age that most people understand the basics and are therefore preparing to discover and innovate. It is always possible for these people to practice some complex positions.

"The stem", the position in which the woman is lying with her legs resting on the torso of her partner, is somewhat difficult but remains accessible. This position can quickly become routine as long as it is in the capacity of your body.

  1. Between 30 and 35 years

At this age, the majority of people have already started long-term relationships and are looking to stabilize their emotional life forever to focus more on their careers. The sex is always amazing and the body rejoices at every moment, but the passion can start to get lost. Innovation is therefore necessary.

Positions like "the crab", the man is in this position lying on his back and his partner is lying on him with his back against his chest, can be performed comfortably enough at such an age in addition to providing intimacy and some pleasure.

  1. Between 35 and 40 years

At this age, most couples are already well used to each other and are very comfortable together. Sex is not only a question of pleasure but also of rejuvenation of the relationship. Emotional fulfillment becomes a priority over physical pleasure.

Positions such as "The Electric Chair", the man sits in a chair and the woman rides it, are relatively easier to practice and allow both partners to face each other, which strengthens their bonds and brings them closer together. the other. They can look at each other in the eye.

  1. Between 40 and 50 years

At this age, many problems begin to appear but your body still has enough strength to carry out the sexual relations. However, worries such as the midlife crisis begin to emerge and require some maintenance of self-control.

"The reverse rider", when the woman rides her partner but turns her back, is a position that usually features female domination, while the "doggy style" is more of an exercise in male power. These two postures can be performed alternately to inspire the feeling of trust between the two partners .

  1. Between 50 and 60 years

It is in this period that the sexual desire generally begins to fall, but that does not mean in any case that pleasure no longer has a place in the relationship, far from it. Moreover, having regular sex at that age helps to maintain good physical and mental health.

It is obviously difficult to try something new, which makes the basic sexual positions particularly useful. Positions such as "the reverse", the man is lying on his back and the woman on him and lets himself go back, and "the missionary", the man is on the woman who is lying on her back, are easy and practical but should be avoided in case of back problems.

  1. 60 years and over

At this age, most people face joint pain, muscle problems or back pain. All of these things make sex more difficult than before but not impossible. Basic sexual positions will obviously be your best ally.

"Nirvana", the position in which the woman is lying on her back with her legs outstretched and her arms over her head and the gentleman in the position of the missionary, is one of the easiest sexual positions that does not require much effort . It is relatively simple and does not solicit the sensitive parts of your body such as the joints or the back . These positions provide pleasure and a sense of closeness with your partner, which is very beneficial to old age! Have fun!

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