Here are 5 things your man does in your relationship that are worse than infidelity

Here are 5 things your man does in your relationship that are worse than infidelity

Here are 5 things your man does in your relationship that are worse than infidelity

Infidelity is arguably one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship, but contrary to what you might think, it's not the only danger to watch. Some of the worst failures of a couple begin little by little until they eventually destroy both partners. So beware of these 5 things to avoid grief.

The little lies

These small details may seem exaggerated and you might even find them ridiculous. But it's not all about deceiving your partner with someone, he may just tell you he's out for smoke when he received an important call or told you that he came home late from work while he was at a friend's house to watch a football game with him. We all indulge in these innocent little lies. But be careful, because little lies can hide bigger ones. The important thing is that you draw with your partner a clear line of distinction between harmless lies and potentially toxic untruths for your couple.

Keep things for yourself

We have certainly heard it all a million times: communication is the key to a healthy and harmonious relationship. And that's quite true because the more you hold things inside your heart and do not talk about it, the more you will allow the "snowball" effect to take place up to what a small concern becomes a big problem whose solution is more complex. If your partner is resentful, it is best to sit down with him face-to-face and discuss it.

Stay in a relationship just for the sake of convenience

You have invested yourself in the relationship and it is only natural that you want to see things move forward on your side as well as your partner's. However, if you see that it is not sufficiently invested or that it does not provide any effort for your couple, keep in mind that you do not need such a person in your life. Leave the ship as soon as possible before things get bigger.

The excess of jealousy

Here is another alarm signal of extreme importance. You might love it at first with such a way of thinking, thinking that it is simply caring and protective, whereas you should know that excessive jealousy can very quickly lead to a certain death. So you need your personal space and if your partner is not able to trust you, it means that you most likely need to be in a typical relationship toxic . It should be noted that such an attitude is one of the potential signs of infidelity.

To be someone fake

We all present a more version attractive and more idealistic of ourselves during first appointments, but if the mask does not fall over time, it is possible that it hides something from you or that it does not trust you enough to be itself in your company. And in both cases, accepting such behavior from your partner is the utmost carelessness and you risk paying for it sooner or later. Transparency is central to a relationship and this is a criterion that can not be negotiated or restricted in any way. But the question you should really ask yourself in the end is: do I really need to be with a man who for one reason or another refuses to open my heart when I give him mine?

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