Here are 10 awful things that will end your relationship, the # 9 is the most dangerous!

Here are 10 awful things that will end your relationship, the # 9 is the most dangerous!

Here are 10 awful things that will end your relationship, the # 9 is the most dangerous!

As we all know, no love relationship is perfect and it will be even less if you do not constantly make efforts to improve it. Here are the 10 things every partner needs to consider if they want to enjoy a strong, healthy and fulfilling relationship.

1 - Dispute in public

You must know that the foundation of a relationship is communication, respect, love and equality.Whatever topic you want to talk to your partner, do it as an adult, at home in the privacy and away from the eyes of others.Do not argue in public because this will usually result in the destruction of your relationship. 

2 - The ghosts of the past

Reshaping the past and constantly evoking the wrongs or mistakes of others or the pain caused by a previous relationship and make your current partner suffer is strictly prohibited.This kind of behavior would destroy the basics of your relationship and would destroy any chance for you to make it work.It is advisable to forget the previous relationships and to make a clean sweep of the past to be able to live your current relationship in a healthy and serene way. You need to start from scratch and forget everything about your previous relationships. Do not let past bad experiences affect your current relationship.

3 - The jealousy

Jealousy has no place in a healthy couple especially if you have been together for a long time and your relationship is serious.If your partner does not give you any reason to be jealous, you should not be jealous.Nevertheless, if for one reason or another you lack confidence in your partner, think about whether this relationship is what you really want and need.

4 - Intimate relationships

When a couple's partners begin to use sex as currency exchange to blackmail their half or reward it for something, the outcome looming probably has nothing positive.This will make the other more likely to become unfaithful and trick you or even get over your relationship.During an intimate relationship, each party must express their deepest feelings and that is how you will both be happy and satisfied.

5 - Mutual support

Your partner must always be present for you and vice versa. When times are tough, you have to support each other, cheer yourself up and help each other.Thanks to this, your relationship will work well and you will be a happy and fulfilled couple.Every person needs to know that there is someone she has a partner she can count on.

6 - Eye contact is very important

It is essential to look yourself in the eye when we talk with the person we love because it indicates the interest shown to the other person and to what he says the fact that you listen to what she tells .
If you do not do this, the other will feel undesirable and non-existent.

7 - Mutual trust

Trust is a key factor in every relationship. Without it, the relationship is fragile and doomed to failure. Before you invest in a serious relationship with anyone, make sure you can trust that person.Trust has a place just as central as loveand if it misses your couple, unfortunately it will not last long.

8 - pretense, dissatisfaction and frustration

If you only express negative feelings and thoughts, your relationship runs to ruin.Nobody likes the eternal dissatisfiedand those who complain about everything and everyone. Be authentic and do not lie to each other.

9 - Being in love with yourself

If you come to a point in your relationship where you realize that your partner's interests are more valuable and go before yours, know that your relationship is at a standstill.It is vital that you remember that in every couple, both partners are equal.Enjoy half your life, but do not neglect yours.

10 - Take time only for yourself

Take a day off and celebrate the love.Of course, of course, you have to express the love you feel for each other every day.but you must also choose one day only dedicated to you, then another that you will devote to your partner. This will revive the flame of your couple and your half will feel special and adored.

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