Do not get married unless you ask these 11 questions to your partner!

Do not get married unless you ask these 11 questions to your partner!

Do not get married unless you ask these 11 questions to your partner!

Marriage is a commitment that should not be taken lightly. We are committed to living with another person while doing our utmost to make her happy. A good tip before considering marriage is to take the time to ask questions that probe the depths of the partner's personality and psychology. Here are 11 questions you can ask in order to have more information about her suitability for marriage.

1 - Do you like compromises and are you ready to do them?

Compromise is the essence of a good marriage. A person who tends to choose only "his way or his principles" is not a good candidate for the negotiations and compromises that marriage requires.

2 - What is your relationship with your family?

A bad relationship with the family can indicate problems that could affect the marriage. Similarly, a person who is too close to his family may be so attached that his life as a couple may be relegated to the background. Although the use of the marriage counselor can help to resolve such problems, it is important to clarify this issue before engaging in marriage.

3 - What makes you want to spend all your life with me?

This answer can give you a clear idea of ​​partner voting expectations about the role you will have in the marriage. If the ideas expressed by the other seem far from this desire to share and to form a couple or even a family for life, it is preferable to involve a therapist specialized in marital relations .

4 - How do you deal with difficult moments (times of misunderstanding, for example)?

Someone who does not like conflict or wants all disputes to be settled on the same day, regardless of the circumstances, will be a bad spouse. Indeed, it can happen that some problems in the marriage do not solve when we would like to solve them. Sometimes because it's not the time to talk about it or the right place. You have to know how to communicate well.

5 - Are you ready to adapt your goals to our relationship?

This question can reveal what is the priority of the relationship in the overall life plan of the partner. If the individual wants to reach his own life goals and expects you to make all the adjustments to fit his plans, this could be an unfavorable sign.

6 - What past family experiences have you noticed most?

For example, if you intend to have children, your partner's previous family experiences can have a significant effect on being able to parent. If he has been harmed, it may affect his way of educating his own children. It is important to talk about these difficulties in order to help overcome them.

7-Are you ready to live with me for several years and take me with you or go?

The answer to this question can tell you if the person understands the nature of the close relationship that exists in marriage and the constant maintenance that one must bring to a relationship. If your partner is ready to go on a far-off trip for his own business, without thinking about maintaining his relationship with you, you have to be careful.

8 - What is the reason for your love for me?

This question has always been one of the main questions. Indeed, asking such a question makes it possible to have real information on the psychological and social needs of a person. partner . If the focus seems to be on what you have or what you can materially provide in the marriage, it means that your partner has not engaged with you for you, but rather is looking for what you have. Such a relationship will not be solid.

9 - Do you have personal development activities?

A person who continues to have hobbies and interests distinct from those of the marriage will make a partner more interesting and independent. If not, he will want the relationship to always turn around and sometimes be stuffy for the other partner.

10. What have you observed in me that is different from you?

A person who knows how to identify your difference will be less surprised about your habits when you are married. In addition, it means that this person is either ready to learn from you (learn from your good manners) or is ready to be patient with you while helping you to change bad habits that you have.

11 - Are you ready to maintain the flame of our love?

If the partner is aware that your love needs to be cared for, he or she will work hard and reinvigorate the relationship over time.

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