After reading this, you will no longer throw the watermelon seeds!

After reading this, you will no longer throw the watermelon seeds!

After reading this, you will no longer throw the watermelon seeds!

The watermelon is an essential fruit during the summer because of its high water content which makes it particularly refreshing. It is also known for its rich nutritional value. However, does everyone know that you can also eat the seeds of a watermelon?

Before highlighting the use of watermelon seeds, let's discover what the consumption of this fruit brings to our body.

The benefits of watermelon:

This fruit is rich in antioxidants including lycopene which destroys free radicals which allows a strengthening of the immune system. At the same time, this antioxidant helps preserve the appearance of the cells, which makes it a good prevention against cancer.

There are other benefits of watermelon:

- Prevents cramps: contains potassium and vitamin B6, ideal for people who provide significant physical effort.
- Allied pregnant women: It is an excellent source of vitamin C.
- Food that gives a feeling of satiety: Ideal for people wishing to keep their line or as part of a diet.
- Prevents cardiovascular diseases.

The components of watermelon seeds and its benefits:

The watermelon seeds:

Like watermelon, watermelon seeds are low in calories and full of nutritional benefits. Indeed, they are a source of several nutrients such as:
- Proteins: The seeds watermelon contain a high level of protein. A cup of dried watermelon seeds (100g) contains 30.6g of protein.
- Amino acids: The seeds are rich in amino acids, the latter are part of the composition of proteins and muscle tissue.
- Minerals: Rich in calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, sodium, iron and others. Excellent for bones, tension, memory, blood and many other benefits.
- Vitamin A, B, C and E: good for skin, eyes, hair, immunity ... etc.
- They also contain antioxidants that protect the body against the effects of free radicals, these are sources of health problems.

Benefits of seeds

Watermelon seeds can treat infections and kidney stones and cleanse the urinary tract. These seeds can stimulate brain health and improve concentration and memory. They are also effective in treating diabetes and can strengthen the immune system. Even more, they represent a powerful remedy for the digestive system because the watermelon seeds contain fiber. The fibers are essential for the function of the digestive system and the intestinal transit.

7 Uses of Watermelon Seeds

Before consuming the watermelon seeds, make sure you clean them thoroughly and peel them. They should be sun-dried for about a week and roasted, except for infusions. Here are 7 ways to use watermelon seeds:

1. To eat in snack:You can toast the watermelon seeds and eat them as snacks or mix them with other nuts such as nuts. The seeds of roasted watermelons can recall the flavor of sunflower seeds.

2. To taste in tea:Make an infusion with the watermelon seeds: a tablespoon of fresh seeds and cut into small pieces in 25cl of water, the equivalent of a cup, let the mixture boil for 15 min.

3. In sandwich:Grilled they can be added to sandwiches and sauces.

4. In smoothies:Add them to the smoothies, mix them with the other ingredients.

5. Whole wheat bread :Peel the watermelon seeds and add them to the bread, muffins, cookies, crackers or prepare muesli bars.

6. To eat in salad:Simply cut onions and tomatoes into pieces, then season with salt, pepper and roasted watermelon seeds. We get a delicious salad for the summer.

7. To consume in puree:Prepare a mash potatoes watermelon, cantaloupe and kiwi. Mix the 3 purees. Add a jar of yogurt, preferably natural goat's milk and mix all the ingredients. Enjoy refreshing cold soup.

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