According to the men, here are the 5 things that make you a perfect girlfriend

According to the men, here are the 5 things that make you a perfect girlfriend

According to the men, here are the 5 things that make you a perfect girlfriend

What do men want? This is a question that has been troubling women since the dawn of time, moreover men must probably ask the same question, but in the opposite direction. So it would be so useful to know what's going on in their minds when they draw the image of the perfect girlfriend. As a result, we have decided to send you 5 open-hearted testimonials that will undoubtedly give you a better understanding of the opposite sex expectations of relationships.

In order to answer all these questions that women are constantly asking, we will see what men have to say about this and what they expect when they meet a potential girlfriend. We chose five of the best points to consider. Although you, as a woman, do not in any way need to change for anyone, such a discovery remains very interesting and informative.

"I want my girlfriend to be independent.And I'm not just talking about a wife who works, but a person who is able to take care of herself, who is responsible for her emotions and who does not let anyone influence her or upset her mind. - Alain, 22 years old.

"I wonder who was the first to think it was a good idea to tell women that men loved those of them who are superficial and have only their outer beauty to offer. Such a way of thinking really makes me angry. What we are looking for isan intelligent, funny woman with a certain vivacity of spirit.- Thomas, 28 years old.

"I had a lot of relationships in the past that ended because one of us was not honest enough with the other. Tell us exactly what you want and believe me, I will do everything to respect it.Just be open and clear about your expectations and needsbecause we can not read the thoughts of others. - Stéphane, 35 years old.

"Respect is a two-way street, we will respect you and demand from you the same thing in return ...Do not belittle us in front of our friends . We also expect you to take the time to consider what we are saying and do your best to find common ground with us. Make us feel important and special ... We need it so much, you have no idea! - Lucas, 39 years old.

"I just need a woman who gives me space for myself.That is all. "- Charles, 24 years old.

How could you meet such expectations?

As you have seen ladies, there is nothing that men ask that is impossible. But where the real concern lies is in the communication and the ability to listen to others. Be clear about your expectations and ask your partner to talk to you about your relationship early in your relationship. Be natural, honest and open-minded, and if you are made to be together, it will work for sure.

However, beware of certain standards of the "perfect woman" established by the media, the majority of them are deceivers and only repel men who seek to build a sincere relationship with you based on solid foundations.

Last but not least, keep in mind that being in a relationship with a man does not have to come from a need to fill any gaps in your life or personality. Men like strong, enterprising women who seek security from them but at the same time prove to them that they support them and work for their common future.

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