A bigger sex is not necessarily better

A bigger sex is not necessarily better

A bigger sex is not necessarily better

The common idea about the penis is that the bigger it is, the more pleasure it gives the woman. A man often feels a big complex about the size of his penis and thinks that it has an influence on the pleasure of his partner. In reality, it is far from true. It should be noted that there is a big difference between what we have learned about sex since our childhood and the experience gained.

Studies have shown that apart from the self-confidence that it provides in humans, a large penis does not necessarily do great feats in bed. Whatever the size, creativity and willingness to experiment with new things can be the key to satisfaction. Indeed, there are positions and techniques specially adapted to the different sizes of the penis . To deal with this topic, specialized books have been designed by experts in sexuality and that answer all the questions that torment minds.

What is the average size of the penis?

A British study of the sex of 15,500 men, says that the average size of the penis at rest, measures between 7 and 11 cm and that in erection, it can reach 13,32 cm. This size is sufficient since the vagina has a depth of 8 to 10 cm. Under the effect of the excitation, the latter lengthens to adapt to the size of the penis.

Is the satisfaction of the woman related to the size of the penis?

There is no connection between penis size and a woman's sexual satisfaction. Indeed, the main organ of pleasure in women is the clitoris. But to stimulate the latter, it is sufficient that the man uses his hand, his tongue or his penis. Thus, a large penis size is of no use. On the other hand, the climax known to the woman is the point G. The latter is near the entrance of her vagina at 4 cm on average. An erect penis is able to reach it without being tall. Added to this, the experience and the relationship of trust that are determinants in the sexual act. In addition, according to some surveys, women are less interested in penis size than men. A large penis can even create a blockage in the partner for fear of pain. It would be necessary to add that the advantage of a small penis is that it is less aggressive and less invasive. On the other hand, some women are excited by the sight of a large penis, which remains just a visual fantasy.

What are the other causes of the men's complex?

The phenomenon of pornographic films does not solve the complex of men compared to their penis. Indeed, they tend to compare their penis to that of the actors. It should not be forgotten that these are chosen exceptionally for the size of their penis and are only a minority. One could, moreover, associate this phenomenon with that of a very large shoe size.

What does it take to make a small penis perform?

It is necessary to forget the prejudices on the small penis and to try rather to adopt the positions and the movements which could be appropriate to its size. Dr. Megan Fleming, Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist, explains that a man's ability to give pleasure and pleasure to a woman is not limited to penis but also to hands, mouth and sex toys . There are also sexual positions and other recommended tips, including:

  • The communication that will find the way to stimulate the excitement in women.
  • The use of accessories on the clitoris in order to increase the sensations and the pleasure. The use of pillows under the hips of the partner when on the stomach can allow deep penetration.
  • The banishment of the lubricant.
  • The extension of foreplay for a pleasant sexual act
  • The adoption of specific positions, such as:
  • The greyhound from behind: the woman is on her knees and the man enters from behind. This position makes it easy to reach point G since the penis is tilted slightly downwards.
  • The missionary with legs up: in this position, the woman lies on her back and the man enters while positioning the woman's legs on his shoulders. As a result, the penetration will be really deep.
  • The swing: the man is lying down and the woman sits astride while turning her back. this position allows the woman to dominate and control the pace of penetration.
  • The oyster: the woman is lying on her back and the man stands in front of her, on her knees, one leg on each side of her hips, then he folds the woman's legs on him and keeps his knees with his hand.
  • The Andromache: the man is lying down or sitting and the woman straddles him. This allows the woman to control the angle and speed of penetration.
  • Spoon: Both lying on the side, the penetration is from behind. The angle of penetration can be varied by lifting one leg slightly. Point G is stimulated and this position allows the couple to be intimately connected.

With all these arguments, there is no reason for men to be complexed by their sex, especially since their development is important for their psychological and sexual health. We must simply ban these preconceived ideas and understand that a large penis is not necessarily better. As the saying goes, "Better a little girl who wriggles than a big one who's going crazy".

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