80% of women want these 4 things in bed. And you ?

80% of women want these 4 things in bed. And you ?

80% of women want these 4 things in bed. And you ?

There is no point in doing innocents; we all have fantasies that we wish one day to satisfy with our sexual partner. It remains to know what are these fantasies that women do not dare to confess but that they dream of satisfying in your company gentlemen.

To admit that we have fantasies sex is never easy because we are so afraid of prejudices, what will we say ... and if you let your desires and impulses speak with your sexual partner? If you trust him, let go of you ladies, because only with him will you succeed in crossing this famous course.

Here for you gentlemen some tracks to exploit during your sexual intercourse if your darling is not the type to confess what would be his fantasies in bed ...

  1. Tell him raw words during love:

What's more exciting than playing a role play during the act? For a few moments, you have the opportunity not to take yourself too seriously and exploit new ways to spice up your sexual relations. Among these tracks, there is that of the words raw or pigs during the act. Moreover, according to recent studies, more than 81% of women between the ages of 35 and 45 seem to like being whispered with raw words in their ear.

During the act, you free yourself and this is the opportunity or never to tell your partner things you would not dare to tell him in normal times or in everyday life.

  1. Use a sex toy:

Yes, many women may not dare to admit you gentlemen, but they would not be against you using a toy during the act. According to recent studies, using a sex toy while having sex increases the chances that partners will develop a stronger complicity between them. And know gentlemen that according to this same study, women would greatly appreciate that you use sex toys, because for them, it would be the imminent proof that you want to pass his pleasure before yours. And all women like that!

  1. Strip your partner's eyes:

By bandaging your partner's eyes, you push her to fully trust you during the act. Moreover, you push her to do more to talk about her other senses except sight. A good way to get closer to your darling and create an erotico-sensual environment very quickly ... What are you waiting for you? Moreover, according to recent studies, 58% of women say they want to be blindfolded during love .

  1. Suggest to your darling to accompany you to a striptease club:

It may seem surprising how to excite your darling, but the fact of offering to accompany you to a striptease club will delight in the highest point ... this is the case of less than 70% of women more 35 years who literally dream to take a ride in this place appreciated by many of you gentlemen ... This is simply explained by the fact that your partner wants to know more about you ... and what makes you dream sexually speaking ! Nothing is more exciting and more stimulating for a woman to see her partner get off to a good start. So let her accompany you to your next outing with friends.

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