7 things you should not do to your private parts

7 things you should not do to your private parts

7 things you should not do to your private parts

In life, it is important to listen to those around us and those who matter to us. But more importantly, it is essential to be attentive to your self, especially your body ... Discover today what are the things you should not do to preserve the health of your intimate ladies!

The " garden "secret" of a woman is a complex area of ​​the human body that requires special attention. So, to preserve the health of your anatomy, start by not doing this anymore:

  1. Do not spray your sugar anatomy:

No, you are not dreaming, you are indeed asked not to sprinkle your private parts of sugar. It may seem completely foolish, but some women have the habit of having sugar, such as whipped cream, on their private parts to please their partners ... Needless to say that this is obviously dangerous for health and that this disrupts your vaginal flora, and therefore its pH, supposed to be between 3.8 and 4.5.

  1. Do not succumb to vajazzling:

The vajazzling is a trend straight from the United States that consists of sprinkling sex decorations of all kinds (like rhinestones or glitter!). While this may seem pretty for some or some especially, it is still not advisable to have too close to the vulva because you could simply contract various infections ...

  1. Avoid jeans or pants too tight:

Trousers or jeans that highlight your buttocks may be fashionable at the moment, but they prevent your private parts from "breathing" freely ... Thus, many inconveniences can occur when you put a little too much often. Disorders that can range from genital itching to more serious infections, to repeated urination disorders ...

  1. Clean your sex toys before each use:

It is not because it is your sex toy (and nobody uses it except you) that you should not wash it before each use. Clean it thoroughly before each use because it can develop germs that can cause you many genital infections later (mycosis, bacterial vaginosis). By the way, do the same with your fingers ...

  1. Do not succumb to the urge to scratch yourself:

If you are in excruciating itching in your private parts, try to contain yourself, even if it is not easy. Avoid a lot of scratching because it will only make things worse. If you are itchy, know that you probably have a genital infection such as fungal infection. The simplest and most effective would still be to consult your doctor ...

  1. Do not scent your vagina:

To avoid bad smells, some women have taken the habit of scenting sex with all kinds of spray or sprays. Only these often contain alcohol! To effectively wash your private parts, you should only use water. Do not forget that your vagina is self-cleaning. This one certainly does not need chemicals to be thoroughly washed. Moreover, the use of these products ( know and scented gels) also attacks the vaginal flora and causes infections and irritations.

  1. Do not rinse the vagina aggressively:

Cleaning and washing your private parts daily is essential. On the other hand, try to clean only the outer surface of your intimate area. In addition, to avoid any infections, make a habit of wiping yourself from the front to the back after you have gone to the bathroom, to avoid the transmission of bacteria.

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