5 things that every woman wants her man to do the first night!

5 things that every woman wants her man to do the first night!

5 things that every woman wants her man to do the first night!

First appointment, first night or just a phone call away, women spend a lot of time preparing what to say, do or put. What about you gentlemen? Do you want everything to be perfect? So here are 5 things that all women would like you to do to them the first night!

The relationship goes through different stages, knowing and succeeding contribute largely to the durability of the couple and especially to his happiness. From first encounter to engagement, each phase requires effort and often a decision to move forward or end the relationship. At the stage of sexual intercourse, each partner apprehends the reaction of the other. Will he / she be satisfied? Will he / she live up to the expectations of the other?

Before you talk about this first night, here is an overview of the different stages of the relationship:

The spark phase:It's the beginning of a relationship, where both parties realize that they like each other and get in a relationship.

The honeymoon phase:This is the stage of happiness where the two people discover each other. The excitement begins to take place!

The intimacy phase: As the relationship develops, the couple begins to feel more comfortable and ready to move on to physical reconciliation.

The engagement phase:The feelings are clear and everyone is convinced by the other, projects two begin to take place.

To help you perform at the intimate stage of the relationship, here are 5 things to remember!

1. The kisses:

Women love to be kissed because kissing brings sensuality to the relationship and helps to relax. The kisses of some parts of the body can be very exciting especially when they target erogenous zones, such as the navel or the lobe of the ear. So take the opportunity to first make comfortable your partner and then excite and create an intense pleasure.

2. The caresses:

The preliminary stage can not be completed without the caresses. This is an important phase of discovering the body of the other and which will allow you to better know your partner and know the most sensitive areas. Be attentive to your partner's reactions when you put your hand on his body. This will be tremendously helpful.

3. The word:

A silent report is not really exciting, some women will prefer to hear romantic words from others words sometimes raw or vulgar. The most important thing is to make your feelings speak and use the voice to create desire in your partner. But be careful, your partner may not like the vulgar words, talk about it and communicate on this subject before to not shock.

4. Compliments:

Women often like to hear compliments, they need to hear their partner tell them they are beautiful. Flattery is essential for them especially at the beginning of a sexual relationship; it helps them to trust themselves and to let themselves be done.

5. The laughter:

It is normal for your partner to be nervous during this first meeting. Nothing can be more effective than a little touch of humor to relax the atmosphere and improve the quality of report sexual. But try not to overdo it and focus on the essentials.

Keep in mind that any experience is beautiful whatever it is, now it's up to you to make it exceptional and unforgettable!

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