5 sentences that liars always use! Unmask them!

5 sentences that liars always use! Unmask them!

5 sentences that liars always use! Unmask them!

Determining whether someone is lying to you or not can be quite complicated, especially since liars tend to be quite good at it. The words they choose are so precise that what they say often seems very credible. The good news is that precisely because they are so cautious, many specialists have been able to decipher some of the sentences that liars use regularly to make them look convincing.

So the next time you have doubts as to whether someone is saying truth or not, pay attention to his vocabulary. And to help you, we'll give you a glimpse of some of the favorite phrases of liars.

  1. " I do not wanna talk about it "

Someone who is lying will do whatever it takes to escape a conversation as quickly as possible. Pamela Meyer, author ofLiespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception(detection of lies: approved techniques for detecting deception), says that if you want to break a liar up to date, change the subject, it will then follow your change with great pleasure without asking too much questions and without emitting the slightest objection.

  1. " I do not have… "

To convince you, a person who does not tell the truth will be in the most total denial trying to explain things as much as possible: "I did not do that ... I do not understand why you think that. According to Meyer: "More emphasis on denial is not necessary for someone who is telling the truth. "

  1. "How can you accuse me this way? "

The intent of the person who uses such a phrase is that you feel the need to justify your accusation, and you will do so for sure. Especially if it's someone you love. Meanwhile, the person will have time to develop a sequel for his lie . Basically, a manipulation technique that aims to exploit the love and trust of others to put an end to their suspicions.

  1. "I do not remember doing that"

People who lie a lot claim that they have trouble remembering things to justify themselves and not tell the truth. But if they really can not remember, they would at least make the effort to dig in their memory and remember it. So a liar will not even intend to do that.

  1. " In fact "

The person who uses expressions such as "sincerely", "honestly" and "I swear" usually tries to convince you that she is not telling you lies. "When people use these statements to emphasize their honesty, there is a high probability that something will be hidden," says Meyer.

So consider these phrases the next time you talk to someone and you have doubts about his honesty about this or that topic. But overall, trust your instinct. Do not think with your heart, think with your head. And last but not least, do not forget that lying leads to nothing and that "the rope of lies is short". It is usually one of the leading causes of family breakdown, whether family, friendship, professional or love . Be honest, because you have everything to gain.

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