5 positions that women secretly want

5 positions that women secretly want

5 positions that women secretly want

The pleasures of sex differ from person to person. Research shows that different sexual positions correspond to some women and inconvenience others. Today, they claim the need to express their desires in terms of sex. The search for sweetness, sensuality, domination or submission, remains a set of sensations that women would like to feel for their pleasure and their sexual fulfillment.

However, women do not all agree on the same sexual positons since what works for one woman does not work automatically for another.

According to Stephen Snyder, a sexologist in New York, a woman tends to like positions that show what she likes most in her body. Many things depend on the particular fit between two people.

On the other hand, according to Jessica O'Reilly, sexologist and author ofThe New Sex Bible,experts can not speak on behalf of all women. Some positions sexual abuse is often misused by some women. The most important thing is to try to find the solution to improve lovemaking. For this purpose, Snyder offers communication within the couple. The woman must be able to freely express her needs and expectations in terms of sex, without taboos, while complimenting her partner on her prowess in bed. The pleasure of both partners will only increase tenfold.

What are the 5 positions or sexual practices that women secretly dream about?

1. Cunnilingus (oral sex)

The most popular practice for women is cunnilingus or sex oral. The reason for this choice is that during oral sex, the clitoris is stimulated while usually it is not solicited by vaginal penetration. It is the most orgasmic act for the woman.

2. Position of the missionary

The position of the missionary (the woman is lying on her back while her partner is above her) is generally considered boring for some but it remains the most romantic because it allows the connection between the partners by the glances exchanged during the act. Women like to feel intimately connected to their partner by keeping the body close to body and synchronizing their movements. The rubbing of the touching bodies makes the penetration more satisfying while this time stimulating the clitoris, which leads to an intense orgasm.

3. Woman above and her variations

Women love this position because it allows them to control the speed and depth of penetration. When she dominates the man, she can move her body in a way that gives her a lot of pleasure. Thus, the hands of man are free to roam and stimulate other erogenous zones of his body such as his chest, back and buttocks, which also helps to increase the sensitivity of his body. These positions also provide direct stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot, which can maximize your chances of having an orgasm.

4. The snake

The position of the snake can be effective for many women because of the combination of penetration and caress of the clitoris. The woman lies on her stomach flat on the bed and her partner slips from behind. Then she stimulates her clitoris either by her hand, or by a small sexual gadget. The weight of the body of his partner, further intensifies this stimulation.

5. The spoon

This position is certainly not a secret for most men. They usually choose sexual positions in order to impress their partner with their prowess rather than using a proven method. This position is more flemish in women and is to let his companion and thus achieve his orgasm without much effort. The partner is lying on his side against the back of his partner and runs his upper leg over his waist for a deep penetration. Although the position of the spoon does not allow the eye contact, it nevertheless gives, access to the man, all the erogenous zones of the woman who can give him pleasure. His partner can stroke his chest, neck and clitoris. There is a complete contact of the body which allows to have a sexual relationship that can last longer.

In order for your sexuality to be more than satisfactory, communication within the couple is required to put an end to any barrier to your development. Thus, fear, beliefs, inhibitions, routine are all dangerous factors for your sexuality. Go on a discovery of the other, in search of its intimate pleasures, be playful and creative. Your partner will thank you.

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