15 habits of people with masked depression

15 habits of people with masked depression

15 habits of people with masked depression

Depression is a disease caused by a mood disorder. Some people who suffer from this disease do not dare to talk to those around them. This is called masked depression. These kinds of depressed people can continue to get involved in activities, to fight, and if special attention is not given, it will be almost impossible to help them.

In general, ordinary depression manifests itself primarily in a moody mood, feelings of sadness and despair, or lack of interest in the outside world. However, the symptoms of masked depression are quite different and decipher more by psychosomatic manifestations such as uninjured muscular pain, digestive disorders, gastric pain, sleep disorders, unjustified fatigue or disorders. of appetite. People who suffer from masked depression sometimes go unnoticed. Here are some habits by which you can recognize them.

1. Tendency to be sometimes very talented and very expressive

Many famous people have suffered from depression, and this suffering has given them deeper emotions. To escape their internal struggles, these people express themselves in their works, which eventually become works of art.

2. Constant search for the purpose of life

People suffering from masked depression always look for an ideal that they can not reach in their minds. They sometimes engage in several activities or in several experiments in order to know the reason for their existence.

3. Call for help muted

We all need help at one time or another in life. Depressed people also call for help sometimes. Even if they do not show it openly, it is important to pay attention when they need a piece of advice or an idea in a given field. Their help helps to create with them a very close bond of trust.

4. Different reaction to certain substances

A depressed person will react differently to caffeine or sugar, for example. Substances that can in principle increase sugar and improve mood in most people may not work at home. She will need to work harder, consume a lot more than others or ingest other foods that fit her body.

5. Focus on the idea of ​​death and not on personal fulfillment

Most depressed people are confronted with thoughts suicidal. They always make a connection between what they live and their certain death. If you have a person who only thinks about the end of his life, no one is likely to suffer from a masked depression.

6. Strange eating habits

Depressed people may not be able to eat properly. Either they do not feel hungry or they eat too much to try to soothe their inner struggles.

7. Abnormal sleep habits

A depressed person either does not sleep at all or does not sleep for hours. Because of the inner turmoil she suffers, the rhythm of her body can be completely upset.

8. Increased fear of being abandoned

A depressed person who has already been abandoned will be a little more withdrawn and will have trouble confiding again. She will be constantly afraid of being abandoned again by her relatives.

9. Constant excuses

Depressed people will always find an excuse to change the subject and avoid talking about their pain to others. They are able to skip an appointment or avoid landing a call.

10. Specific remedies

People who suffer from masked depression often come to find a lifestyle that helps them to reassure themselves. If you notice someone who likes to exercise alone, listen to music or walking alone can be a way for her to regain comfort and inner serenity.

11. Efforts made to appear happy

Depressed people learn to simulate good mood. Whenever they are in public, they will do everything to appear happy and fulfilled. They do not support the idea of ​​letting appear their discomfort.

12. Search for love and acceptance

Depressed people do not hide their depression because they want to be dishonest, they simply strive to protect their heart. These people want to be loved and accepted like everyone else.

13. Difficulty getting rid of bad experiences

Depressed people have a brain which is like a sponge and absorbs everything that happens to them so that everything has a much deeper impact on them.

14. Ability to sympathize with the pain of others

When other people suffer, it reminds them of their inner pain and they soon feel the same pain.

15. Constant focus on worst case scenarios

Depressed people always think of worst-case scenarios and that makes them sometimes good problem solvers because they can better anticipate.

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