11 things you never said about breasts

11 things you never said about breasts

11 things you never said about breasts

Men are so attracted to breasts that it is often the first thing they notice in a woman. A study by Victoria University revealed that men spent more time observing them than any other part of the female body. Astonishing, is not it? Know then that you are not at the end of your surprises!

1 - Another study demonstrated that the fact that a man looks at breasts for a few minutes every day, could help him improve his health and even his longevity.

2 - GoTopless is an American organization that fights for women, just like men, to take off their tops in certain public spaces such as beaches and parks. They also hold rallies for the purpose of "awareness raising".

3 - Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian woman, has the record for the world's largest chest circumference. She had to resort to an "upgrade" to reach the size "100 KKK". This title is still unreliable since it took nine surgeries to the young woman to get there.

4 - The left breast is usually slightly larger than the right, despite the fact that the difference is almost never noticeable. Nevertheless, we still do not know where this disproportion comes from.

5 - The English hold the biggest towers of chest from all over Europe. More than half of women have a "D" size in this country. Denmark comes in second place, followed by the Netherlands. Italy, however, is at the bottom of the rankings with 68% of the population wearing a size "B".

6 - An average breast weighs about 500g. Knowing that each breast represents 4 to 5% of the fat mass in a woman's body.

7 - Your breasts change as you get older. This may seem trivial, but the way they change may not be. In fact, during your youth, breasts are composed of fats, glands and collagen. But as you get older, collagen and glands shrink, leaving room for fat, changing the visual appearance of breasts.

8 - Breast augmentation is directly related to suicide. In fact, women who have breast implants are three times more likely to kill themselves! It is therefore believed that it is not the procedure of change itself that is at the root of the problem, but that it is rather the fact that breast implant candidates are more likely to have psychological problems at the outset.

9 - Breast implants can also save you from death. An Israeli woman was hit by shrapnel, but she survived because her implants prevented the projectiles from reaching her body.

10 - Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States. Two million women have fake breasts in this country and their average age is 34 years old.

11 - A Hong Kong University offers a degree in bra studies for the design and manufacture of this underwear. Graduates have recently set up an exhibition in a convention specifically made for the lingerie .

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