10 evidence that a man will eventually break your heart sooner or later

10 evidence that a man will eventually break your heart sooner or later

10 evidence that a man will eventually break your heart sooner or later

As a woman, you can get along well with a man and your optimism will push you to start imagining a life with you. However, there is no way to know how the relationship will evolve a few weeks or even months later. That's why we're going to give you an idea of ​​those signs that do not deceive and that make it clear to you that your feelings are preventing you from seeing that things will not work out like your dreams.

  1. He does not consider you as his girlfriend

If you are in relationship with someone, it is only natural to consider yourself as a couple, is not it? But if he refuses to introduce you to others as a girlfriend, or if he makes you look like a "special" friend, it's because in his head you are not his darling and you will not be never.

  1. He is reluctant to meet your friends and family

Your friends and family are the most precious people in your life and it is natural to want your man to meet them. Therefore, if he categorically refuses to do so or comes out with vague and original excuses every time you bring up the subject, it is a sign that he is planning his "flight" before things get "too serious" .

  1. He never plans anything with you

In these situations, it is usually up to you to set up projects. And when the day comes, he sends you a message a day later apologizing for not being able to be there. This clearly means that you do not appear at all among his priorities .

  1. His behaviors show he's not ready for a relationship

Almost every one of his gestures and every word is meant to make you understand that he is not ready for a serious relationship. But it often happens that in this kind of case, love makes you so blind that even in the absence of any subtlety on the part of your "darling", you are not able to see reality in the face.

  1. He is still in touch with his ex

Whether it is a question of an ex or of several other women, if it is just polite with them, it simply means that it is a good person. But if this is the kind of person who does not hesitate to get closer to his ex at the slightest crisis, it is time for you to use your head to make the decision.

  1. He sells you dreams

He is good at developing lies that are so complex and fantastic that you find it hard not to believe. This is probably the tactic he uses to deceive you into thinking he is considering a long term relationship. And as you are too optimistic, you fall in the trap.

  1. He has a strange relationship with his phone

He keeps his phone on him all the time, even when he is in the bathroom. It is impossible for him to part with it; he is always using it. While in reality, you need a person with whom you can have a conversation instead of trying to communicate with someone behind a screen.

  1. It's hard to talk to him

Whether it's a discussion about your work or something that bothers you about your relationship, you do not feel comfortable talking to him about it. This is usually due to the fact that he is constantly disconnected and disinterested in problems that you want to address. If he manifests this behavior, it is because the disappointment will not be long in coming.

  1. It trivializes your concerns

You think there is something wrong, and when you talk about it, it trivializes your worry, even in situations where you become hysterical. No man is worth it if he makes you believe that your concerns are unfounded. And even if it does, a man who is interested in you will discuss it with you and explain to you the unfoundedness of your worries instead of making them look like crazy.

  1. He goes out with someone else

As you began to think that you were made for each other, he started dating someone else. And he did not even have the courtesy to let you know that he wants to go out with several people at the same time. If so, save yourself and do not turn around until it finally breaks you heart .

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