You should never eat watermelons this way

You should never eat watermelons this way

You should never eat watermelons this way

Officials reported that watermelons in a small town in eastern China cover the fields after farmers gave them an overdose of wet-growing chemicals, creating what is called a "landmine field. "

The famous professor, Wang Liangju, at the Horticultural College of Nanjing Agricultural University who was in Danyang when the problems began to occur, thinks the chemical is safe when used properly. Professor Wang Liangju told the Associated Press that the drug had been used too late in the season when heavy rain activity raised the risk of fruit explosion.
What is wrong is that Chinese regulations do not prohibit the use of chemicals, and they are allowed in the United States on kiwis and grapes. And you should also know that it has been reported that many farmers in China are abusing legal and illegal chemicals, many farms are abusing pesticides and fertilizers.
According to the EPA, forchlorfenuron is not harmless:
- It has moderate toxicity to freshwater fish
- It contains slightly higher levels of toxicity in the avian population
- the mortality of rat litters increases and their size decreases

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