Would happiness be a simple mathematical equation?

Would happiness be a simple mathematical equation?

Would happiness be a simple mathematical equation?

Can one measure his rate of happiness? Apparently yes ! This is at least the assertion of British researchers who created the application "The Great Brain Experiment". This is an application that follows a well-defined equation that calculates the rate of satisfaction and happiness at a time T.

The equation in question depends on three components: the reward chosen (CR), our expectations (EV) and the gap between the reward received and our expectations (ERP). "The Great Brain Experiment" has already been tested on nearly 18,500 individuals and has shown that participants have a greater sense of happiness when they complete exploits they did not think they could achieve. According to the scientists, our happiness depends mainly on our expectations and the expected result of our successes and on different levels (professional, lovers, financial ...) So to be constantly happy, it would be enough to expect nothing, Nor of anyone. Sacred William Shakespeare who had once declared:I always feel happy, do you know why? Because I expect nothing from anyone. Expectations always hurt, life is short."

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