Why should not you drink juices?

Why should not you drink juices?

Why should not you drink juices?

Fruit juices are generally perceived as healthy drinks, while nutritionally speaking, a glass of even organic fruit juice actually contains an excessive amount of natural sugar. For example, to fill a glass of orange juice, it takes six oranges, the dose of sugars is even more important. Morning juice may thus be responsible even for hypoglycemia.

All sugars are equal in their harmful effects, even sugars in the cereal bars as they have the same long-term effects on obesity and diabetes as other sources of sugar.
A juice has nothing to do with the whole fruit. Besides, the vitamin C content of the orange is greater in the whole fruit than in the juice, unless it is drunk immediately. Note that vitamin C does not resist light and air, it disappears in a few minutes after pressing by oxidation of air.

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Why, should, not, you, drink, juices, Fruit, juices, are, generally, perceived, as, healthy, drinks, while, nutritionally, speaking, a, glass, of, even, organic, fruit, juice, actually, contains, an, excessive, amount, of, natural, sugar, For, example, to, fill, a, glass, of, orange, juice, it, takes, six, oranges, the, dose, of, sugars, is, even, more, important, Morning, juice, may, thus, be, responsible, even, for, hypoglycemia, All, sugars, are, equal, in, their, harmful, effects, even, sugars, in, the, cereal, bars, as, they, have, the, same, longterm, effects, on, obesity, and, diabetes, as, other, sources, of, sugarA, juice, has, nothing, to, do, with, the, whole, fruit, Besides, the, vitamin, C, content, of, the, orange, is, greater, in, the, whole, fruit, than, in, the, juice, unless, it, is, drunk, immediately, Note, that, vitamin, C, does, not, resist, light, and, air, it, disappears, in, a, few, minutes, after, pressing, by, oxidation, of, air, Why should, should not, not you, you drink, drink juices, juices Fruit, Fruit juices, juices are, are generally, generally perceived, perceived as, as healthy, healthy drinks, drinks while, while nutritionally, nutritionally speaking, speaking a, a glass, glass of, of even, even organic, organic fruit, fruit juice, juice actually, actually contains, contains an, an excessive, excessive amount, amount of, of natural, natural sugar, sugar For, For example, example to, to fill, fill a, a glass, glass of, of orange, orange juice, juice it, it takes, takes six, six oranges, oranges the, the dose, dose of, of sugars, sugars is, is even, even more, more important, important Morning, Morning juice, juice may, may thus, thus be, be responsible, responsible even, even for, for hypoglycemia, hypoglycemia All, All sugars, sugars are, are equal, equal in, in their, their harmful, harmful effects, effects even, even sugars, sugars in, in the, the cereal, cereal bars, bars as, as they, they have, have the, the same, same longterm, longterm effects, effects on, on obesity, obesity and, and diabetes, diabetes as, as other, other sources, sources of, of sugarA, sugarA juice, juice has, has nothing, nothing to, to do, do with, with the, the whole, whole fruit, fruit Besides, Besides the, the vitamin, vitamin C, C content, content of, of the, the orange, orange is, is greater, greater in, in the, the whole, whole fruit, fruit than, than in, in the, the juice, juice unless, unless it, it is, is drunk, drunk immediately, immediately Note, Note that, that vitamin, vitamin C, C does, does not, not resist, resist light, light and, and air, air it, it disappears, disappears in, in a, a few, few minutes, minutes after, after pressing, pressing by, by oxidation, oxidation of, of air, Why should not, should not you, not you drink, you drink juices, drink juices Fruit, juices Fruit juices, Fruit juices are, juices are generally, are generally perceived, generally perceived as, perceived as healthy, as healthy drinks, healthy drinks while, drinks while nutritionally, while nutritionally speaking, nutritionally speaking a, speaking a glass, a glass of, glass of even, of even organic, even organic fruit, organic fruit juice, fruit juice actually, juice actually contains, actually contains an, contains an excessive, an excessive amount, excessive amount of, amount of natural, of natural sugar, natural sugar For, sugar For example, For example to, example to fill, to fill a, fill a glass, a glass of, glass of orange, of orange juice, orange juice it, juice it takes, it takes six, takes six oranges, six oranges the, oranges the dose, the dose of, dose of sugars, of sugars is, sugars is even, is even more, even more important, more important Morning, important Morning juice, Morning juice may, juice may thus, may thus be, thus be responsible, be responsible even, responsible even for, even for hypoglycemia, for hypoglycemia All, hypoglycemia All sugars, All sugars are, sugars are equal, are equal in, equal in their, in their harmful, their harmful effects, harmful effects even, effects even sugars, even sugars in, sugars in the, in the cereal, the cereal bars, cereal bars as, bars as they, as they have, they have the, have the same, the same longterm, same longterm effects, longterm effects on, effects on obesity, on obesity and, obesity and diabetes, and diabetes as, diabetes as other, as other sources, other sources of, sources of sugarA, of sugarA juice, sugarA juice has, juice has nothing, has nothing to, nothing to do, to do with, do with the, with the whole, the whole fruit, whole fruit Besides, fruit Besides the, Besides the vitamin, the vitamin C, vitamin C content, C content of, content of the, of the orange, the orange is, orange is greater, is greater in, greater in the, in the whole, the whole fruit, whole fruit than, fruit than in, than in the, in the juice, the juice unless, juice unless it, unless it is, it is drunk, is drunk immediately, drunk immediately Note, immediately Note that, Note that vitamin, that vitamin C, vitamin C does, C does not, does not resist, not resist light, resist light and, light and air, and air it, air it disappears, it disappears in, disappears in a, in a few, a few minutes, few minutes after, minutes after pressing, after pressing by, pressing by oxidation, by oxidation of, oxidation of air

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