Why is zinc important to your health?

Why is zinc important to your health?

Why is zinc important to your health?

It is a trace element essential to the proper functioning of the human body. It is present in all cells and ensures many biological functions. In all, a body contains between 2g of zinc (65% are concentrated in the muscles and 20% in the bones). A zinc deficiency causes many symptoms including white patches on the nails, a state of constant fatigue accompanied by pallor, hair loss, depression,

Hypotension, bone fragility and possible diarrhea. During pregnancy, any infection or ENT (flu, angina ...) can reduce the zinc content in the body, which threatens the good health of the fetus. But what good is zinc? Top 5 Benefits of Zinc:

• It is a valuable ally for the skin. Indeed, several studies have shown that the taking of food supplements based onzincCould reduce the number of lesions suffered by acne patients. Zinc-based ointments are effective for the healing and relief of skin lesions.

• Zinc regulates appetite and helps fight obesity. Better yet, after a diet, a regular intake of zinc prevents the weight gain.

• During pregnancy, zinc stimulates fetal cell development and prevents the risk of premature delivery.

• Zinc boosts female and male fertility. In men, it improves the mobility of spermatozoa. In women, zinc contributes to the regulation of the menstrual cycle

• Zinc prevents certain forms of cancer, including prostate cancer. Indeed, a zinc deficiency causes hypertrophy of the prostate, which promotes the appearance of cancer

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