Why is it good to eat figs? Discover the incredible effects.

Why is it good to eat figs? Discover the incredible effects.

Why is it good to eat figs? Discover the incredible effects.

It contains very little vitamin C but in return, it is full of minerals (especially potassium), fibers and antioxidant compounds. Fresh or dried, the fig is a fruit with a thousand virtues, cultivated for millennia in the Mediterranean basin and very appreciated for its sweet taste as for its nutritional values. By the way, did you know that there are no less than 150 varieties of figs, ranging from pristine white to purple

dark? Precisely, the figs that have the darkest color are the ones that contain the most antioxidants.

What is the fig?

• 30% fibers

• 15% potassium

• 15% manganese

• 13% vitamin B6

• 10% magnesium

• 10% vitamin E

• 7% calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C

What is the recommended daily intake of fig?

It is advisable to consume about 250 g of fresh figs each day and half, or 125 g, if dried figs

Why is it good to eat figs?

Consuming figs regularly has many benefits for the body, especially thanks to its high potassium content. In addition to regulating blood pressure, the fig helps lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood as well as the glucose level. This fruit is even recommended for people with diabetes. The fig is also known to be a powerful laxative that speeds up intestinal transit. It also relieves the respiratory tract and prevents colon cancer. Other possible use, fig syrup (cook 5 figs dried in 35 cl water until reduction of the liquid) calms the cough and treats the sore throat.

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