Why is ginger the best friend of women?

Why is ginger the best friend of women?

Why is ginger the best friend of women?

A condiment popular with sushi and other Japanese dishes, ginger is a root originating from southern India and China, with a thousand virtues. While it is renowned for being an aphrodisiac and stimulating libido, it is nevertheless an excellent ally for women, especially during pregnancy and during menopause. It is eaten raw, powdered, infused or confit and ginger oil massages is recommended especially in winter because it warms the body and provides a feeling of well-being.

• Ginger is recommended:

• for pregnant women because it alleviates nausea and stops vomiting

• for O.R.L diseases

• in case of ulcer, but also to treat gastritis and diarrhea and to prevent flatulence

• to treat osteoarthritis and arthritis and any other painful inflammatory disease

• for professional singers as it relieves throat and vocal cords

• in case of chemotherapy because it strengthens the immune system

• in case of seasickness during boat trips

• to lose pounds because it promotes accelerated metabolism

• to prevent heart disease and to stimulate blood circulation.

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