Why baking soda is a real enemy for the pharmaceutical industry

Why baking soda is a real enemy for the pharmaceutical industry

Why baking soda is a real enemy for the pharmaceutical industry

There are a thousand and one good reasons to use baking soda as well as curing colds, this natural white substance found in nature, soil, food, oceans and in our body, treats many other diseases.

• Belly pains: Sodium bicarbonate, thanks to its alkaline chemical formula, neutralizes any medium whose pH is too acidic. It is therefore effective against burns

Stomach upset, acid lifts and difficult digestions. To get rid of it, just dissolve a large spoon of baking soda in a glass of water.

• For good oral hygiene: It is used to have a fresh breath, avoid cavities and have teeth without tartar. It also comes in the composition of many toothpastes. It is necessary to dilute a little bicarbonate in half a glass of water and to make gargles with this liquid.

• Naturally fight against excessive sweating and bad odors: Just rub the parts that sweat the most (underarms, feet ...) with a little sodium bicarbonate. You can also sprinkle inside your shoes.

• Calm the itchiness: Mix a little bit of bicarbonate with a few drops of water until you get a paste to apply on mosquito bites, pimples and even on sunburn and canker sores. Guaranteed effect!

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